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Westford’s McEvoy Runs For Local Assembly Seat

Westford’s McEvoy Runs

For Local Assembly Seat

He Challenges Republican Incumbent Miller

For Springfield, Middlefield, Maryland Seat

Chad McEvoy

WESTFORD – Local tech-project manager and activist Chad McEvoy today announced his campaign in the 101st Assembly District.  A Democrat, he is challenging Republican Brian Miller of New Hartford.

In Otsego County, the 101st includes Springfield, Middlefield, Westford and Maryland.  A long, narrow district, it extends from New Hartford, outside Utica, south to the Town of Montgomery in Orange County.

“We can do more for our area – focusing state resources on the needs of our communities – by working with, not against, the majority in Albany,” said McEvoy, who ran against Republican county Rep. Peter Oberacker, R-Schenevus, last fall.

questionnaire 2017 — Chad McEvoy

Chad McEvoy



EDUCATION: I hold a Masters in International Public Policy from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a B.Sc. from the University of Washington in Zoology with a minor in Anthropology.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: I have worked primarily as a software development project manager and data analyst for both nonprofit organizations and tech startups.  I am currently an analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Board member of Otsego 2000

FAMILY: Married

PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT: I am a strong progressive on issues relating to civil liberties, personal freedom and the environment.  I am generally moderate or center-left on fiscal issues and believe in the efficacy of an intelligently regulated free market.  I favor data-driven economic policies that strive to increase both equality and innovation.


  • Economic development and rural poverty
  • Environmental protection
  • Rural broadband access

MY QUALITIES: My wife and I chose to live in Otsego County because of its community, natural beauty and history. I believe in the idea that one must participate locally to help build the qualities they wish to see represented in the world on a larger scale. In addition to my work, activism and civic engagement I am an amature naturalist, fossil collector, chef and rock drummer.

STATEMENT: District 6 has not had an actual option in the general election for almost two decades. Democracy requires at a minimum that there be a choice of who to vote for. Years of stagnant one-party government at the country level have not yielded much for our community. If I am elected I will represent the interests of the communities of District 6 and will work to hold the board accountable for sustainably maximizing the inherent potential of Otsego County.

Major McEvoy Named Troop C Commander


Major McEvoy Named

Troop C Commander

Maj. William McEvoy

SIDNEY – State Police Capt. William F. McEvoy has been promoted to major and appointed commander of Troop C, which covers Otsego County and includes the barracks at Oneonta.

One of his first responsibilities will be to host the public at a Centennial Open House 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 7, at Troop C headquarters, Route 7, Sidney.

In a varied career that began at Troop C in 1984, he also served for a short time as zone commander of the Oneonta Barracks.

‘Non-Partisan’ Sustainable Otsego Again Endorses Only Democrats

‘Non-Partisan’ Sustainable Otsego

Again Endorses Only Democrats

COOPERSTOWN – Sustainable Otsego, “an authorized non-partisan political action committee,” has again endorsed all Democrats in the Nov. 6 election.

The environmental group endorsed:

  • Democrat Antonio Delgado of Rhinebeck vs. U.S. Rep. John Faso, R-Kinderhook.
  • Democrat Joyce St. George, Margaretville, vs. state Sen. Jim Seward, R-Milford.
  • Democrat Chad McEvoy of Westford vs. Assemblyman Brian Miller, R-New Hartford.

On Democratic Ballot Line, Fernandez Not ‘Endorsed’

On Democratic Ballot Line,

Fernandez Not ‘Endorsed’

Democrats Debate Over ‘Distinction’ In Sheriff Race

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

The candidates are Bob Fernandez, left, and Richard J. Devlin, Jr.

COOPERSTOWN – While Democrats have allowed Republican and county sheriff’s candidate Bob Fernandez to run on the Democratic ballot line in the Nov. 6 general election, it seems they fell short of an outright “endorsement.”

“Mr. Fernandez has not received the endorsement of the OCDO,” Mike Henrici, the Democratic county election commissioner and county committee secretary emailed after this week’s Hometown Oneonta & The Freeman’s Journal hit the streets.  “…He does not appear as an endorsed candidate on the OCDC website or anywhere else.  In fact, no motion has even been made in the committee to even consider an endorsement.”

Delgado, DiPerna Tilt Over Rap CD, How To Handle It

Delgado, DiPerna

Tilt Over Rap CD,

How To Handle It

Democratic Candidate Speaks

To Full House In Cooperstown

Democratic congressional candidate Antonio Delgado thanks Greta Green, 9, for asking a question about gun violence and school safety at the end of a forum this evening at Templeton Hall. (Jim Kevlin/

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

Delgado resisted answering questions about lyrics on a rap CD he produced in 2006, but Paula DiPerna, a former Congressional candidate herself, persisted.

COOPERSTOWN – Antonio Delgado was met with cheers and applause from 120 of the Democratic faithful – and a handful of Republicans – in Templeton Hall this evening.

Questions ranged from fracking to FERC and Social Security to Glass–Steagall.  A 9-year-old, Greta Green, who lives in Washington, D.C., but is visiting her grandmother, Cynthia Benjamin, in Garrattsville, asked about protecting children from gun violence.

“It hurts that a 9-year-old even asks that question,” he said.

But the question of the hour – the 19th District Congressional candidate’s former life as AD The Voice, a hip-hop performer in L.A. whose lyrics in his “Painfully Free” CD were liberally sprinkled with the N-word and epithets – was only touched on lightly during the formal part of the evening.

As the Q&A began, moderator Paula DiPerna advised the candidate she would be questioning him more closely later on the issue – Delgado’s rap career was reported on July 8 in the New York Post, and his Republican opponent, Congressman John Faso, issued a press release expressing “shock” at the “troubling and offensive lyrics” – and to be prepared.


Tour Oneonta’s Downtown

Revitalization Then & Now


WALKING TOUR – 7 – 8 p.m. Bob Brzozowski & Gary Wickham lead walking tour, “Downtown Revitalization Then & Now” through Main & Market Streets. Learn urban renewal plans of 1970s to today’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI). Admission by Donation. Oneonta History Center, 183 Main St., Oneonta 607-432-0960 or visit

TOWN HALL – 7 p.m. Meeting features Antonio Delgado (Running for Congress), Joyce St. George (Running for State Senate), & Chad McEvoy (Running for State Assembly). Sponsored by Sustainable Otsego. Free, open to the public. Templeton Hall, 63 Pioneer St., Cooperstown.

Card Skimmer Found At Southside Bank

‘Card Skimmer’

Located In ATM

At Southside Bank

Press Conference Underway At Troop C

State Police at Troop C today released this image of the individual they suspect may have installed a “card skimmer” at the ATM at Community Bank’s Southside office.

ONEONTA – State police reported today a card-skimming device was found in the ATM on the Community Bank drive-thru window at its Southside Oneonta branch on Route 23, and also released a photo of a man they suspect may have placed it there.

The device, which fits inconspicuously over the card slot, reads information from any card that it swipes; the data can then be used to make fraudulent purchases.

KUZMINSKI: Vote For Democratic Slate

KUZMINSKI: Vote For Democratic Slate

To the Editor:

Sustainable Otsego has endorsed the following candidates for county board: Leslie Berliant, Nicole Dillingham, Gary Koutnik, Danny Lapin, Andrew Marietta, Adrienne Martini, Chad McEvoy, Cathy Nardi, Pat Ryan, Liz Shannon, Tom Spychalski, and Andrew Stammel.

They all support the principles of sustainable living, economic self-reliance and home rule. As we face the future, it’s clear that we can no longer rely, as we used to, on distant governments and corporations to provide for our social and economic security. Increasingly, we’re going to have to do it ourselves. Our communities and our resources are repeatedly challenged; social and economic security is harder to come by. Incomes are low, jobs are scarce, and young people migrate elsewhere. For far too long, majorities on the county board have failed to respond to these challenges.

We need new leadership in Otsego County, especially on the county Board of Representatives. We need people, like the candidates above, who are ready to aggressively defend the interests of our communities. Otsego County desperately needs a voice of its own – and these candidates are the ones who can give it that voice. If you are happy with the way things are, vote for their opponents. But if you think we need a change, here’s a chance to do something about it.


Fly Creek

CANDIDATES QUESTIONNAIRES: 12 Races Contested For County Board

POLLS OPEN 6 a.m.-9 p.m., NOV. 7

12 Races Contested

For County Board

The Otsego County office complex, upper Main Street, Cooperstown. (

Questionnaires that have been submitted so far by candidates for the Otsego County Board of Representatives in the Nov. 7 elections are highlighted below.  As the rest of the candidates respond, the links will be updated. Please click on highlighted link to read, in candidates’ own words, why they are qualified to serve.  And don’t forget to vote!  Polls are open 6 a.m.-9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7.

DISTRICT 1, Unadilla

Ed Frazier, Republican

Tom Spychalski, Democrat

DISTRICT 2, Morris/Butternuts/Pittsfield

Michele Farwell, Democrat

James Hoffman, Republican

William Hunt, Independent

DISTRICT 3, Otego/Laurens

Kathy Clark, Republican

Cathy Nardi, Democrat

DISTRICT 4, Town of Oneonta

Andrew Stammel, Democrat

Breck Tarbell, Republican

DISTRICT 5, Hartwick/Milford/New Lisbon

Meg Kennedy, Republican

Pat Ryan, Democrat

DISTRICT 6, Worcester/Maryland


Chad McEvoy, Democrat

Peter Oberacker, Republican

DISTRICT 7, Cooperstown/Middlefield

/Cherry Valley/Roseboom

Leslie Berliant, Democrat

David Bliss, Republican

DISTRICT 8, Cooperstown/Town of Otsego

Andrew Marietta, Democrat

Tim Walker, Republican

DISTRICT 9, Springfield/Richfield

Nicole Dillingham, Democrat

Keith McCarty, Republican

DISTRICT 10, Burlington/Edmeston/Pittsfield

Dan Wilber, Republican, unopposed

DISTRICT 11, City of Oneonta, Wards 1,2

Gary Koutnik, Democrat, unopposed

DISTRICT 12, City of Oneonta, Wards 3, 4

Craig Gelbsman, Republican

Adrienne Martini, Democrat

DISTRICT 13, City of Oneonta, Wards 5,6

Len Carson, Republican

Danny Lapin, Democrat

DISTRICT 14, City of Oneonta, Wards 7,8

Liz Shannon, Democrat

Wilson Wells, Independent

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