Day At Saratoga Runs Up Bidding At GOHS Auction

Day At Saratoga Runs Up

Bidding At GOHS Auction

Bonnie Lado of Oneonta, top photo, with her husband, retired dentist Bill Lado, at her side, places a bid as a three-way contest nears its climax this evening at the Greater Oneonta Historical Society’s annual fundraising auction at the Holiday Inn Southside.  She was vying with fellow Oneontan Linda Smith – seen at right with her grandson, a picture of anticipation – and Kevin Dwyer of Laurens for John Pontius’ offer of a day in his box at the Saratoga Race Track during next August’s season, topped with cocktails at the famous Siro’s Restaurant; then John would drive the winners back to Oneonta.  Auctioneer Chuck D’Imperio set the value at $250, but the three bidders breezed right by that – $300, $400, $500, $600, when Dwyer dropped out of the contest.   Linda Smith bid $610, Bonnie Lado $620, Linda $630, Bonnie $640.  “$640, going once,” intoned D’Imperio.  “$640, going twice!  $640!!!” he declared, bringing down his gavel.  And the Lados are off to the races.  (Jim Kevlin/

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