Under New Law, All Suspects May Be Held At County Jail

Under New Law, All Suspects

May Be Held At County Jail

ALBANY – A bill allowing the Otsego County jail to be used as a pre-arraignment holding area for all local courts has been signed into law by Governor Cuomo, the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Jim Seward, R-Milford, announced yesterday.

“The legislation will lead to more efficient and cost-effective judicial proceedings in Otsego County,” said Seward.  “A number of other counties throughout the state have instituted similar policies, and it makes sense for Otsego County to do the same.”

The law allows suspects who are under arrest of awaiting arraignment to be held at the jail, helpful outside business hours when suspects need to be arraigned are waiting to contact a lawyer, Seward said.

Companion legislation was sponsored in the state assembly by Assemblyman Bill Magee.

The new state law will take effect immediately.

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  1. Timothy Gibson

    To the Editor:

    I would like to address a professional inconsistency in a recent HomeTown article regarding the candidates running for office in the Town of Oneonta. The reporter referred to Independent candidate Patricia Jacob (up for re-election to the Town Board) as a ‘nurse’ while describing the Republican candidate for Town Supervisor’s spouse as a ‘UHS Family Nurse Practitioner.

    The writer should have known and the public should know that Ms. Patricia Jacob is a Board Certified Oncology Family Nurse Practitioner in the Bassett Healthcare Network.

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