STAMMEL: Voters, Thanks For Your Help

STAMMEL: Voters, Thanks For Your Help

To the Editor:

Thank you to everyone who supported me and our campaign this fall. These races are long and difficult and without the support of friends, families, and neighbors, they would be impossible. Thank you especially to former Rep. Rich Murphy, whose eagerness to offer me assistance and advice was instrumental.

Andrew Stammel
Andrew Stammel

In the end, the results were close. Town of Oneonta residents disagreed on some of the issues but they uniformly sent the message to us that they just want to see elected officials work hard and collaborate to deliver common sense results for our town and county.

In regard to the anonymous flyers mailed the weekend before the election: I believe our residents are able to look beyond that kind of misguided nonsense and focus on the issues at hand.

Representative Quackenbush graciously called me the day after the election and, among other things, assured me that she had nothing to do with the flyers; and I do not doubt her. Janet and I may have disagreed on some issues and our approaches to local government, but she is a good person and cares about our community. I would urge our neighbors to thank her for her service.  

Going forward, I want to be the representative for all of our residents, regardless of your party or whether you voted for me. Please feel free to call or email me with your thoughts and concerns.

Oneonta is a great place with wonderful people. There are some challenges but also so much potential. I’m looking forward to getting to work and trying to move us forward, along with my colleagues on the county Board of Representatives. Thank you again for your support.

County Rep.-Elect
District 4
Town of Oneonta

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