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• bharper3407: You will be missed Lou! This man touched more lives and made more dreams come true than anybody that I know..Can’t believe he is gone, but will never be forgotten! To the Presutti family my thoughts and prayers are with you #BeYourOwnHero

• zco21: I went to coopers town 3 week ago and he talked to us because we were from Wyoming and there has only been one Wyoming team since we went there. How sad

• jacob.wright: rip that’s crazy I’m here now and he talked to us like two days ago

• c_j3n53n: I was there last week. It was an amazing experience. One of the best times of my life!??

• jubztar_22: Rip

• jakelacey006: Rip coach…☹️

• only1mikepence: My son played there the last 2 summers. I coached there his 1st year. What a great experience! Coach touched many of people. His dream inspired kids to live their dreams and be their own hero. Thoughs and prayers go out to his family!!

• liamwebster19: RIP Cooperstown dreams park is the best place on earth

• bgr33n3: We’re on our way there right now?

• ben.powell: Rip

• tjkillaston: My group was the last ones to hear his speech R.I.P

• trent_nelson18: RIP Lou I played there this summer and it was the best experience in my life Cooperstown is what it is because of you there’s no one on earth that could ever replace you you’re a great man and my dreams have been fulfilled because of you✊???⚾️?

• jclark422: R.I.P

•.k42: I got to meet him and got a pin from him. He was a very great man and he will be missed.

• vincentlasalvia: R.I.P Lou you will be missed ??????????❤?


Fenimore, Farmers’ Museums Launch ‘Digital April’

Fenimore, Farmers’ Museums

Launch ‘Digital April’ Programs

COOPERSTOWN – Virtual tours, crafting videos and updates on the baby farm animals are all part of the Fenimore Art Museum and The Farmers’ Museum’s “Digital April” series on Facebook, Instagram, and the museums’ websites.

At Fenimore, discover virtual walk-throughs and objects from new exhibitions including “Blue Gardens: Photographs by Gross and Daley,” “Prismatic Beauty: American People and American Art” and “Elegant Line/Powerful Shape: Elements of Native American Art.” Short videos will objects from the museum’s collections of folk art, fine art, and Native American art, and kids can even create crafts at home with instruction from members of the museum’s education staff.

Clark, Y At Home, Yoga For The Kids And Dance Parties


Clark, Y At Home,

Yoga For The Kids

And Dance Parties

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

If the weather is lousy or you just don’t feel like going outside, there are plenty of low-cost (or free!) online fitness classes, from Zumba and yoga to chair workouts and cardio, from kids to grandparents.

Libby Cudmore Headshot
Libby Cudmore is managing editor of The Freeman’s Journal, Hometown Oneonta and

The Clark Sports Center offers Pound classes, chair and at-home workouts and even a series for kids on their YouTube channel, all taught by your favorite instructors.

Zoe Curtis is offering her Fitness With Zoe Zumba and Pound classes over Zoom. Classes are by donation, RSVP on
Facebook for class invite.

Oneonta YMCA members can check out a variety of online classes, including Y 360, five-minute 12 Burst exercises and Silver Sneaker workouts for seniors. Check in with your Y membership for full access!

If your kids have been watching movies,
obsessively, give them a break from the TV with yoga themed around “Frozen” “Trolls” “Harry Potter” and more from CosmicKids.

Have a party and get fit! Plyojam is offering a 30-day free trial of all their dance-inspired workouts.

Planet Fitness is offering a daily class, taught by fitness celebrities and personal trailers, all over Facebook Live. You
don’t even need to be a member! 7 p.m.

Barry’s trainers are also offering classes twice a day over Instagram.

Destination Marketing: Promote Outdoors

Destination Marketing:

Promote Great Outdoors

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

DMCOC’s Cassandra Harrington with schematic of first post-COVID promotion. (Jim Kevlin/

COOPERSTOWN – DMCOC is looking at the doughnut, not the hole.

And the doughnut, for now, is the great outdoors, says Cassandra Harrington, executive director of the Destination Marketing Corp. of Otsego County.

In an interview Friday, May 15, Harrington said DMCOC, which contracts with Otsego County to put “heads in beds” to generate occupancy tax, had met with her board of directors the day before and it was awaiting final visuals from PaperKite, the advertising agency, to launch a program on June 1, when

Phase Two arrives and shops can open.

There is some urgency to begin promotions again.

In 2018, tourism brought in $206 million to Otsego County. Of that, $101 million was spent on payroll, funding 7,426 jobs, mostly gone this year.

In March 2019, county hotels billed $948,312; this March, it was $483,269, and there was a 46.4 drop in occupancy. “Mind you, that’s with a half-month of normalcy,” Harrington said.

With all of Cooperstown’s main draws cancelled, delayed or on hold – from Cooperstown Dreams Park to Derek Jeter’s Hall of Fame Induction – and much other activity limited by Governor Cuomo’s PAUSE, DMCOC is looking at what’s left.

“I don’t have a lot of good news,” said Harrington. “I have optimism.”

Which is: “outdoor assets,” state parks, lakes, the river. “Picnic at Lakefront Park, kayak the Susquehanna, swim in Otsego Lake, enjoy the beach at Gilbert Lake,” said Harrington.

These are all activities conducive to social distancing, so an infection-sensitive population is more likely to respond to the promotion.

Otsego County Chamber President Barbara Ann Heegan said she’s working with Harrington on the county’s Economic Development Task Force – Harrington chairs it – to ensure Oneonta, with its parks, the Susquehanna Greenway and hiking opportunities, fully participates.

“People are going to be travelling closer to home; they’re penned in and they want to get out,” Harrington said, so the marketing footprint, usually the Northeast, the nation and the world, is now within 150 miles from the flagpole at Main and Pioneer.

That includes the east end of Rochester, most of the rest of Upstate, dipping down toward Scranton, Pa. It does not include plague-stricken New York City.

The promotions will be rolled out on Instagram and the “This Is Cooperstown” Facebook page, where the Paperkite video had been posted as of Tuesday. The DMCOC video features “brand promoters,” people here and around the country talking about how they can’t wait to visit their favorite attractions.

For now, “all spending is on pause,” said Harrington, but beginning June 1, paid social promotion and retargeting will resume, which will place ads on websites, the leading ones which typically include,, Fox News,, CNN, USA Today and Pandora.

The ads will be swapped out with other regional attractions – the Adirondacks,
for instance – in the hope people interested in one Upstate attraction will be interested in others.

What distinguishes Otsego County in potential visitors’ minds? the DMCOC asked. Baseball, or course. “It’s a national attraction,” Harrington said.

So the theme is “Cooperstown On Deck,” a batting line-up. “Texts are emerging to match who’s open at what time,” she said.

For instance, if COVID-19 infections remain in check, Phase Four – it pretty much opens up the whole economy, subject to social distancing and other cautionary steps – will arrive in late June.

The DMCOC – it is chaired by Ken Meifert, the Hall of Fame vice president – is looking to July 1 as a “pretty good target date” for some of the museums to open. (The Clark Sports Center, part of the Clark family interests, has already announced it is looking to open at that time.)

“If museums need less people,” given the precautionary measures, “we may have to be careful about how much we can promote,” said Harrington.

In the fall, there will be another push to bring people from around the region to see the foliage.

Fenimore, Glimmer Globe Plan ‘Virtual’ Theater Fest

Fenimore, Glimmer Globe

Plan ‘Virtual’ Theater Fest

Macbeth (Mike Henrici) and his lady (Danielle Henrici) perform at the Fenimore’s Lucy B. Hamilton Amphitheater in summers past.  ( photo)

COOPERSTOWN – Fenimore Art Museum’s Glimmer Globe Theatre and The Farmers’ Museum’s Templeton Players in Cooperstown are planning e a full schedule of virtual performing arts in place of the regular 2020 summer season.

Due to the restrictions on public gatherings necessary to protect public health, this season’s productions of “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare and “A Moon for the Misbegotten” by Eugene O’Neill have been rescheduled to 2021.

HAPPENIN’ OTSEGO: Architectural Scavenger Hunt 07-01-20

Architectural Scavenger Hunt


SCAVENGER HUNT – July 1 – August 31. Youths and families are invited to participate in 2020 Historic Oneonta’s Main Street Architectural Detail Scavenger Hunt. Search for architectural details on Main Street Oneonta and tell the Oneonta History Center about them. A great lead in to upcoming exhibit ‘Building Blocks Of A City: 100 Years og Architecture In Oneonta.’ Visit for info.

HAPPENIN’ OTSEGO: Author Discusses Book On First Japanese-American Baseball Players 07-21-20

Author Discusses Book On First

Japanese-American Baseball Players


AUTHOR SERIES – 2 p.m. Join baseball author Robert Fitts, a leading expert on Japanese Baseball, to discuss the stories of the first Japanese Americans to play baseball back in the early 20th century. Free, registration required. Presented by the Baseball Hall of Fame. Visit

Otsego ups its outdoor game
An unidentified family enjoys miniature golf, an outdoor activity that draws a lot of interest in Otsego County. (contributed)

Otsego ups its outdoor game

Marketing efforts switching to recreational activities, including hiking, lake sports

By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to

In response to the COVID crisis, many people have been seeking fun activities that can also be done safely with social distancing. Outdoor activities seems to be the natural solution and Otsego County has
plenty of outdoor activities to do for those inclined.

Cassandra Harrington, executive director of Destination Marketing, is well versed in outdoor activities for Otsego County. She goes kayaking and said Gilbert Lake State Park is “one of my favorite places to go
hiking.” She said she also plans on going skydiving with Just Jump at the Westville Airport.

So, when she was approached by people looking for things to do in Otsego County that are socially distanced and outdoors, she had the answer.

“During the pandemic, one of the trends people were seeking to do was outdoor activities,” Harrington said, explaining that Otsego County “has a ton of natural resources.”

Destination Marketing started an initiative called Cooperstown Naturally, which aims to introduce those in need of outdoor activities to the plethora of options that exist near Cooperstown and in Otsego County.

Some of these activities include biking, hiking, boating, camping, fishing and more.

SUNY Oneonta RAs Threaten Strike

SUNY Oneonta RAs

Threaten Strike Over

Fair Pay Amid COVID

ONEONTA – Asking for minimum wage, an increase in board compensation and payment when forced to isolate, Resident Assistants at SUNY Oneonta have posted a series of demands on the social media site Instagram.

“We call on SUNY Oneonta’s president , Dr. Barbara Jean Morris, who made $275,000 in 2019, to guarantee fair payment for RAs that work during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the group wrote in a post that went up this morning.

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