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Fasanelli: Trustee Candidate Looking To Serve
Letter from George Fasanelli

Trustee Candidate Looking To Serve

I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. I graduated from Queens College of the City University in 1977 and received my MBA from St. Joseph’s College on Long Island.

I retired after 34 years of service with the Suffolk County Police Department at the rank of deputy inspector. In addition to my time on patrol, I was an investigator with the Internal Affairs Bureau, the commanding officer of the Data Services Section, the Police Academy, and the Special Services Bureau in the Detective Division. I retired in 2016 after serving as the executive officer of the Seventh Precinct, a command of approximately 80 officers.

Kirsch To Bassett: Please Keep FCF Open
Letter from Emma Kirsch

To Bassett: Please Keep FCF Open

I have been a member of FoxCare Fitness for many years. I am asking Bassett to reconsider the decision to close the facility for the following reasons:

• It is an extremely valuable asset to our senior community, who rely upon it for essential exercise and fitness training.

• All of the staff are personable, professional, and extremely helpful and kind to all.

Peterson: Health Needs Outweigh Profits
Letter from Suzanne Peterson

Health Needs Outweigh Profits

Through cardiac rehab, I came to FoxCare gym. The program changed my life after open heart surgery and Guillain-Barré syndrome. Graduating cardiac rehab on December 12, I immediately joined with my husband, paying for a year with lockers.

FoxCare gym is safe. Like so many members, I have illnesses that cause severe discomfort at regular gyms. FoxCare gym is routine, purpose, safe haven. I’m 53, with Celiac disease, chronic nerve pain, anxiety, depression, no balance from GBS, and a compromised immune system. FoxCare equipment is spaced apart, most wear masks, we clean machines. Nurses and physical therapists available for questions add to safety.

Mebust: Coop Village Election is Next Tuesday
Letter from Lynne Mebust

Coop Village Election is Next Tuesday

Elections for village trustee are coming up on March 21, 2023. There are two outstanding candidates running for two positions.

Joe Membrino is an incumbent who has diligently served residents as a trustee who approaches his work thoughtfully, with attention to detail, and a strong sense of fiscal responsibility. Joe’s leadership on the Water and Sewer Board has been especially impactful as the wastewater treatment plant upgrades were completed.

Walker: Sadness, Anger at FCF Closing
A Letter from Shirley Walker

Sadness, Anger at FCF Closing

Having heard the news of our fitness center closing, it brought a lot of emotion and wondering why, after all this time, it had to happen. I am in my 90s and I doubt I would have made it this far without my regular exercise classes at FoxCare Fitness. The employees and all my fellow members are a wonderful group and enjoy being at the FoxCare facility.

It makes me sad to think that I may no longer have any classes to attend and the uncertainty of finding another fitness center is too much of a burden for me at this point. After all is said and done, I’m hoping to hear that the classes will continue at the FoxCare Fitness Center.

Shirley Walker

Committee: Project Prom Seeks Support
Letter from Cooperstown Project Prom Fundraising Committee

Project Prom Seeks Support

Spring is just around the corner and the planning for Cooperstown High School’s prom and Project Prom is underway! The Class of 2023 is ready to celebrate!

Project Prom began in 1984 at Cooperstown and provides prom attendees a safe, alcohol- and drug-free, fun night of entertainment, food, and raffles. The event is held at the Clark Sports Center and ends at dawn.

Phillips: Therapool Loss a Real Concern
Letter from Emily Phillips

Therapool Loss a Real Concern

FoxCare Fitness closing has a hidden downside to the percentage of us who cannot just “go to another gym.” I and several like me can ONLY exercise with the therapool and were given PT instruction on what to do when in there. We cannot go to endless PT to keep using the pool, insurance does not allow that. There are no other local options with a warm pool. It will be a huge loss for me health wise, and many like me. There should be a way those of us with long term health issues can still use the therapool. PT doesn’t use it often. I’m very upset and very disappointed and don’t think we were considered in this.

Emily Phillips

Lynk: Fitness Center Needs Community Support
Letter from Randy Lynk

Fitness Center Needs
Community Support

As many have seen, there has been quite a bit of pushback regarding the announcement of FoxCare Fitness closing. I am among those who are a little dubious about my local healthcare provider when they decide that preventative care is not worth investing in. Particularly when that investment pays off most to senior citizens and other more vulnerable people in our community. I am hopeful with the pushback and news of collaboration with the YMCA that Bassett will be able to keep the facility open as is (or revitalize is so it can fully recover from the pandemic restrictions). Anything less, in my opinion, would be a failure to our community.

Membrino: Candidate Urges Citizens To Vote
Letter from Joseph R. Membrino

Candidate Urges Citizens To Vote

On March 5, 2020, the League of Women Voters held a forum in the Village Hall Board Room. By luck of the draw, I was chosen among the three candidates for trustee to take the first question from the audience.

A voter asked, “What will you do to address COVID-19.” At that time, we could not have known what the pandemic would mean to our families, our village and our nation. The question was prescient, though; the pandemic soon engulfed us with fear, anxiety, disruption and illness. At the time, my answer was not very useful; I suggested that our public health officials would know better than I what to do.

Witzenburg: An Open Letter to Fox Hospital
Letter from Christopher Witzenburg

An Open Letter to Fox Hospital

I have been going to a fitness center of one kind or another for 35 years; I have been a member of FoxCare Fitness for over 23 years. I have made long-term friends there, met personal goals, milestones and countless challenges in my life, and have been supported by having the fitness center at my disposal. This week, there have been some long faces and serious discussions in regard to the closing of the center in June.

FoxCare Fitness is unique to Oneonta, serving the most mature fitness population of any other gym in the area. Many of the daily attendees started there from rehab and have not left because they have found it adds to the quality of their lives. I think we all understand that the gym costs money to run but, given the facility already exists, and has had the same equipment for many, many years, it is hard to imagine how cutting the fitness center would be a significant savings for the network.

Mellor: Otsego Board of Reps Made Right Decision
Letter from Wayne Mellor

Otsego Board of Reps Made Right Decision

Sustainable Otsego fully supports the Otsego County Board of Representatives’ unanimous vote to oppose three propositions in the proposed 2024 state budget, which would change Real Property Tax Law 575-b, part N.

The first local, utility-scale, solar project was proposed for the Town of Laurens in 2019. In response, Sustainable Otsego’s position was that our communities and Otsego County need to benefit from the loss of our land to this solar project. Compensation should be cheaper, zero-carbon power via solar credits for our residents, and/or sufficient property taxes going to the county.

Northrup: Short-term Rentals Should Be Limited
Letter from Chip Northrup

Short-term Rentals Should Be Limited

There are short-term rental permits at 25 single-family houses in the Village of Cooperstown. Some were grandfathered when the village began issuing such permits in 2018. Some are exemplary applications of the ordinance—the owners are renting a garage apartment or other auxiliary dwelling unit that might otherwise go unused. Where the short-term rental is incidental to the family’s use and occupancy of the property. Where the building is not turned into a rooming house in disguise.

Goertemoeller: FoxCare Fitness Closing Questioned
Letter from Cynthia and Bill Goertemoeller

FoxCare Fitness Closing Questioned

The recent surprise announcement of the closure of FoxCare Fitness comes as a real shock to many! Hundreds of clients, including hospital staff, use this state-of-the-art facility daily to help maintain healthy bodies and spirits.

As in other aspects of society, COVID played havoc with the program, which was closed for over a year. When it opened, the extended mask policy kept some people away. However, we saw no real publicity announcing the re-opening. Was there any real effort to lure folks back? Was the Oneonta community given warning that the facility would have to close if members did not come back in sufficient numbers? Could grants and county resources be tapped to give FCF longer to rebuild? There are many concerns that should be addressed before the death of a unique, vital resource that hugely impacts greater-Oneonta.

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