One Of 2 Dannemora Escapees Reported From Delaware County

One Of 2 Dannemora Escapees

Was Raised In Delaware County

David Sweat
David Sweat

David Sweat, one of two escapees from Dannemora Correctional Facility still on the loose, was raised in the Delaware County Village of Deposit, 33 miles south of Oneonta, according to an explorations of their boyhoods in the New York Times.

“They had beginnings that weren’t much,” the newspaper reported over the weekend.  “David Sweat grew up in Deposit, N.Y., a speck of a town about 30 miles east of Binghamton, raised mainly by a single mother, Pamela Sweat. He had two sisters.

”For a short time, Patricia Desmond and her boyfriend lived with them. “He really wasn’t raised into the best society,” Ms. Desmond said, referring to Mr. Sweat. “We drank a lot, we partied a lot. His life was into turmoil.”

“As her son grew, Ms. Sweat saw only wickedness. She knew he was too much when, at 9, he began throwing knives at her. He also threw a rocking chair at her.”