Rockefeller Owl Could Return To Oneonta Tonight

Rockefeller Owl Could

Return To Oneonta Tonight

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

“Rockefeller,” the Saw-whet owl, hitched a ride to NYC in Oneonta’s Christmas tree.

ONEONTA – Rockefeller, the Saw-whet owl who traveled 170 miles to New York City on “Daddy Al” Dick’s Rockefeller Center-bound Norway Spruce, could be released this evening in “a cluster of conifers” near his hometown of Oneonta, according to WRGB Albany.

After the owl was found in the tree last weekend, he was transported to the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Saugerties, where he was given water and fed mice.

“He was a little on the thin side when he came in,” director Ellen Kalish told The Daily Freeman. “He probably hadn’t eaten in a number of days. So I just want to make sure that he’s at his best weight and health, and then he goes.”

He was given X-rays, which found he had no bone fractures, and has been declared healthy enough to release.


3 thoughts on “Rockefeller Owl Could Return To Oneonta Tonight

  1. The Holbrooks

    We want him back in Oneonta. That’s where his relatives and friends are. They miss him. Bring him back home.

  2. Joyce Durland

    Yes Rocky belongs in Oneonta. Please get him back to Oneonta.
    That is the right thing to do. He didn’t choose to be wrapped up and end up in NYC. Get him where he belongs. I have offered my help to get him there. Donation, drive him there. Whatever it takes to get him back to his home, Oneonta.

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