XEN SAMS: I Love Talent Agent To Pieces, Actress Says


I Love Talent Agent

To Pieces, Actress Says

To the Editor:

Xen Sams

I have worked with Victoria for close to 10 years. She’s a hustler in piranha-filled waters.

She works hard to promote her clients, follows protocol, respects the art and bows to the game.

She rolls up her sleeves if called upon and works hard to create a marketable brand for her clients.

She creates synergies, combines personalities and aids in any way she can to create something wonderful.

Models, actors, filmmakers, producers and directors dance at her parties, but she’s up “farm girl” style at 6 a.m.

She is very family-oriented and stable. Victoria is unique, because she is a business person and a mother – passionate and gentle.

Victoria is a firecracker wrapped up in a Chanel lipstick!  Love her to pieces.

I am currently working with Victoria to promote my next round of films, but I am very excited in particular about “The Banker and Waldo.”



One thought on “XEN SAMS: I Love Talent Agent To Pieces, Actress Says

  1. Julie Marsh

    Victoria wrote this not the actress. Victoria is known for writing fake articles about people and pretending to be other people and writing articles about herself. Don’t believe this

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