Letter Misleads On State Of Town Of Otsego Affairs

Letter Misleads On State Of Town Of Otsego Affairs

The Freeman’s Journal/HOMETOWN ONEONTA

Edition of Thursday-Friday, Dec. 18-19, 2014

To the Editor:

As supervisor, I wish to clarify some points in Sheila Ross’ letter of Nov. 21 implying the Town of Otsego awarded raises to many at the expense of the highway workers.

The only raise awarded in the new budget was a cost-of-living 1.5 percent raise to the town clerk, whose office hours are 16 but who is on call when outside her regular hours. She attends many meetings and covers for other workers who do not have many office hours.

The highway workers’ annual raise is in the three-year union contract signed in early 2014 with the workers’ full agreement. In the contract, the startup hourly rate is raised from $12.50 to $13.11 per hour and there is an annual 30 cent an hour increase for each of the next three years. They are the only employees at the town who can receive benefits.

I personally both like and respect all the Town of Otsego highway employees. They are good, decent men and their job is important to the Town.

The town and village courts consolidated in March 2014 with extra work and hours, especially parking tickets. A part timer is scheduled to be involved during the summer.

Before consolidation, the court clerk worked 10 hours per week part time for the town and full time for the village. After consolidation, she works 30 hours per week and her income rose in the town because of that. That is not a raise!

The assessor was hired mid-contract to fill a vacated position by the former assessor. His salary is unchanged from that seven-year contract. He works both in and out of the office as well and being willing to step up and complete the town’s 2015 reval.

Otsego Town Supervisor

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