BOUND VOLUMES, July 11, 2013

BOUND VOLUMES, July 11, 2013

In the wake of several steam boat tragedies and injuries or death occasioned by other means involving steam-driven machines, the Secretary of the Treasury is directed to prepare and hand a report to Congress on the first day of the next Session, containing all the information that can be obtained as to the use of steam engines in the United States, and the accidents and loss of life or property which has attended their use
July 9, 1838

Mrs. Luther I. Burditt departed this life on Sunday last, after a long illness and gradually failing strength. For nearly half a century she had been a resident of this village, leading a quiet and useful life, efficiently and cheerfully discharging the duties of wife, mother and kindly-hearted neighbor. For about 45 years she had been a member of the Presbyterian congregation. Mrs. Burditt was the daughter of the late Caleb Clark, and was born in Brooklyn, Connecticut, April 28, 1807, and married in 1830. Surviving her are the husband, one son and two daughters. Though she had passed her allotted four score years, these deeply feel the loss which her death inflicts upon them.
July 13, 1888

The largest catch of fish ever taken from Otsego Lake so far as the memory of the oldest inhabitant goes was hauled out on the Fourth of July at about noon by Ed Farquharson and Jack Hibbard, near the old stone quarry on the east side of the lake. The haul numbered 430 Otsego bass by actual count. Later the same men got a haul of 231 in the same place, and still later Fred House pulled in 197 in a single haul. A barrel and two boxes of Otsego bass were shipped by express to Oneonta Saturday morning. At about 10 o’clock Sunday morning, Theodore House and his father hauled in at one dip 714 Otsego bass and just before that Jock Holcomb, on the same ground, hauled in 446. The number of Otsego bass caught this year is greater than ever before. The lake has been protected by law for several years against the hauling of seine.
July 9, 1913

The village Board of Trustees has received a generous gift of $1,955 from Mr. Stephen C. Clark to be expended in payment for the properties needed to enlarge Doubleday Field. Aware that the playing space afforded by the present field was so short as seriously to handicap the playing of baseball games of the importance assured by the Centennial, the trustees have set about securing options upon the property which a survey indicated would be required to enlarge the field to adequate proportions. Mr. Clark’s gift relieves the village of having to raise the funds through a bond issue or an increase in taxes.
July 13, 1938

At the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Cooperstown the Board approved plans for the oiling of the following streets – River, Elm, Upper Spring, Upper Grove, Irish Hill, Hill and Rock and the upper road at Lakeland Shores. The lower road at Lakeland Shores will receive a coating of dust oil. The cost of the above project is estimated at between $2,000 and $2,500.
July 10, 1963

Seventy boys, ages 8 to 14, participated in the basketball camp held last week at the Alfred Corning Clark Gymnasium. The camp was directed by CCS Boys’ Basketball Coach Dick White and ACC Gym Floor Director Fred Kern. Scott Whiteman was named “Best in Camp” Free Throw Shooter. Thomas Flynn was named “Mr. Hustle.” Justin Smith was “Best Defense.” Jim Kennedy was “Best Rebounder.”
July 1988

By a unanimous vote the Cooperstown Central School Board of Education has elected Keith Additon president for 2003-2004. Mark Rathbun will serve as the board’s vice-president. The board welcomed newly elected member Jean Schifano who replaced Brian Clancy after he retired following nine years of service. Rosemary Craig, recently re-elected, begins her second term on the board. Darlene Bennett will serve as Clerk of the board.
July 11, 2003