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BOUND VOLUMES, June 27, 2014


Died in this village, on Monday evening last, very suddenly, Mr. Jesse H. Starr, about 26 years of age. Mr. Starr attended public worship on Sunday last, and appeared in good health, and went to bed on Sunday evening apparently well – on Monday morning, it was discovered by some of his family, on entering the room where he slept, that he was in a state of insensibility, and continued so, till about 8 o’clock, the same evening, when he expired. It is supposed he was taken with an apoplectic fit during the night.
June 30, 1814


Letter to the Editor: A resolution appeared in your paper last week, purporting to have been passed by the Presbytery of Otsego, at its semi-annual meeting held at Westford, June 10, 1839. The undersigned, members of the Presbytery, deem it due to themselves and to their Churches, that the facts in the case should be distinctly known. While we would say that we have reason to believe that all the members of Presbytery regard slavery as a great moral and political evil, still it was well known that there was a diversity of opinion in reference to the plans of the Abolitionists, some approving their course, and others regarding the subject of slavery as having become political in its character, and opposed to any action on the part of the Presbytery in reference to it.
June 24, 1839


Ladies Fair – The ladies of the Baptist congregation of this village intend holding a Fair at Bowne Hall on Tuesday evening next for the sale of Ice Cream, Strawberries, Cake, Fancy Articles, &c. The patronage of a liberal and friendly public is solicited. The proceeds of the Fair will be given in aid of a fund for painting the Baptist Church.
June 24, 1864


The gymnasium building now being erected by Mr. Alfred C. Clark on the southwest corner of Main and Fair streets, will be a handsome and very substantial brick structure, 32 feet wide and 85 feet deep, two stories, and full height of three story building on the west. Charles J. Tuttle is doing the mason work, and the carpenter work will be done by Charles L. Root.
June 28, 1889


The increase of cigarette smoking in the United States is significant. In 1907 a total of 5,292,171,000 were consumed. By 1910, the total came to 8,612,566,000. In 1913, the total was 15,812,092,000. This amounts to 160 cigarettes per capita per year for all men, women and children and a cigarette a day for all males – three cigarettes a day for all males old enough to smoke. The cigarette smoker, who can’t be more than one in four of the grownup male population, must be indulging in the habit very assiduously.
June 24, 1914


One hundred members of the eighth grade class at Cooperstown Central School, the largest number in the history of the school, received promotion certificates to high school on Friday morning, June 19. The commencement address was given by Milo V. Stewart, an associate in education at the New York State Historical Association.
June 24, 1964


Gordon Robinson, owner of the Cooperstown Shell Gas Station, said that his prices on April 5, were 96.9 cents per gallon for unleaded, 98.9 cents for regular and $1.12 for unleaded plus. Entering in June, however, the prices soared to $1.13 for unleaded, $1.15 for regular, and $1.30 for unleaded plus.
June 28, 1989


Twenty-five years ago, Paul Kellogg’s life changed. In 1979, as the new executive manager of Glimmerglass Opera, he began a journey that has spanned a quarter century and has seen the modest company grow from its roots in a high school auditorium to a nationally and internationally-renowned organization.
June 25, 2004



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