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BOUND VOLUMES, October 3, 2013

Excerpts from the London Pilot of March 20, 1813: We lament, most deeply, to state that another British frigate, the Java, has been taken by the American frigate Constitution. The mourning of our hearts, which commenced on the first capture of a British ship by an American, has been rendered more melancholy, by every successive instance. Not a single American frigate has struck her flag – they insult and laugh at our want of enterprise and vigor; they leave their ports when they please, and return to them when it suits their convenience. The hearts of Englishmen sicken at the repeated demonstrations of our Navy being on the decline. Lloyd’s list contains notices of upwards of five hundred British vessels, captured in seven months by the Americans. Five hundred merchantmen and three frigates!! Can these statements be true and can the English people hear them unmoved? It is a melancholy fact that we are falling back, and that the enemy advance in naval power.
October 2, 1813

Hoco poco or hocus pocus, is a most apt name for the panic Whig party. Let it be put upon them till it raises a blister. It is a good dictionary word, full of meaning, and may be found in Johnson and Junius. Junius derives it from “hoced” Welsh, a cheat, and poke or pocus, a “bag.” L’Estrange defines the term, “a juggle, or a cheat.” The application is as classic as it is pat. The Whigs are Hocos, who thrive by cheating; cheating in speculation, cheating in panics, cheating in bank trickery, cheating in politics, cheating by all manner of hypocrisy, in morals, temperance, government and religion. They are Pocos too, contriving to hoodwink the people by all manner of lies and misrepresentations; and moreover, in all their attempts to court and seduce the people, they always get the “bag.” Let them be called ever hereafter, the Hoco-Pocos.
October 1, 1838

The County Fair – The sun never rose on a fairer day than that of Wednesday; and, at an early hour long lines of vehicles of all descriptions, filled with the sturdy, well-to-do farmers of Otsego, their wives and children, were rapidly wending their way toward the County Fair Grounds, where increased accommodation awaited those who were to be competitors for premiums. The attendance on the Fair Grounds was very large. The number of entries in some departments exceeded that of any former occasion. Of cattle there was a large display, and there were a number of very fine animals. (Ed. Note: The County Fair Grounds referred to were located at the current site of the Bassett Health Center complex)
October 2, 1863

In Our Town: The Cooperstown post office seems to be inhabited by prize-winners. Charles A. Schneider received notice this Tuesday morning that he had been awarded sixth prize – $25 in cash – in an amateur photographic contest conducted by the Ansco Company of Binghamton. The photograph was of little Kenneth Schneider, son of George Schneider, sitting on a fence in the act of taking a snapshot. The picture will be used in future Ansco advertising matter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Fenimore Cooper and family left Fynmere Sunday and returned to their winter home in Albany. J. Fenimore Cooper, Jr. will spend the winter in Arizona.
F. Ambrose Clark and family, with their guests, H.B. Stokes and Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Teftt with Miss Edith Wellman returned to New York on Tuesday by special train.
October, 1, 1913

A total of 143 persons, for the most part residents of Cooperstown and vicinity, accepted the invitation to visit the National Baseball Museum on Saturday, the first of the free days this season. A similar and very cordial invitation is extended for the remaining Saturdays of October when the doors of the famous museum will be open without charge from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, 2 to 6 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Every resident of Cooperstown and Otsego County should become thoroughly acquainted with this famous collection of relics connected with the development of the national game, and the Hall of Fame with its plaques of the immortals donated by the Major Leagues.
October 5, 1938

Seven school districts in central and northern Otsego County would get more for their education dollars if a proposed consolidation of the districts were to be brought into being, according to Harry W. Langworthy, associate in the Bureau of Rural Administrative Services of the State Education Department. Langworthy was speaking to a meeting at the Cooperstown Elementary School of members of the Boards of Education and administrators of the schools involved. This year, the districts of Cooperstown, Milford, Edmeston, Springfield, Cherry Valley and Van Hornesville plus the Westville common district, are spending $3,052,412 to operate their educational programs.
October 2, 1963

Excerpt from “Cooperstown Space Odyssey,” a poem by Patricia Merker: “How often have we heard it said ‘Your Main Street’s really charming.’ And don’t we all just love to hear a tribute so disarming. We glow with pride to know our town is seen above reproach. But wait is that a flaw I see, beginning to encroach? Now, I’m not one to quibble, nor stretch a point too far, but folks, I’m aging rapidly just trying to park my car!”
October 5, 1988

In honor of Midwifery Week, Women’s Health at Bassett Healthcare will pay tribute to nurse midwives and their many contributions to patient care on Saturday, October 4, from 2 to 4:30 p.m. The event will include children’s activities such as face painting and sand art, as well as a magic show with performer Jeff Sterling. Healthy snacks will be provided. The “Bassett Babies Celebration” will be held at the Otsego Grill of the Morris Conference Center on the SUNY Oneonta campus.
October 3, 2003



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