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HOMETOWN HISTORY, November 23, 2012

125 Years Ago
Yesterday afternoon, a passerby the residence of W.D. Bissell on Main Street, would at a glance have noted that something unusual was going on. The front porch of Mr. Bissell’s residence was fairly covered with baskets and large, carefully wrapped packages, and every few moments a wagon would be driven briskly up, one or more of the packages placed in it, and away it would dash again at a lively speed. Investigation revealed that the women of Oneonta – members of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, and others – were engaged in the most commendable work of supplying worthy families of the town with Thanksgiving dinners. It had somehow leaked out that it was their intention to do this, and soon they were fairly deluged with contributions from many quarters. One generous person sent six dollars in cash, another sent chickens, another turkeys, another groceries, and so on, until it became apparent that there was to be enough to supply the demand, and the work of arranging and sending out was begun in earnest. Every package or basket was supplied with vegetables in profusion and either a chicken or turkey or fine roast.
November 1887

100 Years Ago
From the indications of last night indoor baseball in the city will be a great success during the winter months. The gallery was crowded with fans who kept up a constant cheering for their favorites, and as the ninth inning closed with victory for Company G when Finley walloped the ball with a mighty stroke for the winning run, bedlam broke loose with the score 23-22. An analysis of the two teams would show that the high school team is the better fielding organization, while their heavier opponents are better with the stick. The high school has in Downing by far the best pitcher displayed, though Company G may develop a man who will prove as good. Downing pitched the entire nine innings and only walked four men. For Company G, Orr passed one, Bond gave a free ticket to four, and Westcott issued ten free passes to the initial sack.
November 1912

60 Years Ago
A total of 140 children received their initial triple vaccine shots for protection against diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough, at the first city clinic of this season held at the health center in the Oneonta high school. In charge of the clinic was Dr. Reade S. Sisson. He was aided by Mrs. Gertrude Cornell, Mrs. Ruth Rabeler, Mrs. James Nesbitt, Mrs. Carrie Lockwood, Mrs. Gilbert Driggs, and Miss Grace Miller.
Pvt. Henry L. Hulbert of 12 Walling Blvd. has arrived at Fort Dix, N.J. and has been assigned to the 9th Infantry Division for eight weeks of basic training. Private Hulbert is the son of Burton Hulbert. Before entering the service he attended Oneonta high school, St. Lawrence University and Columbia Law School.
November 1952

40 Years Ago
Today is National Kettle Day, marking the beginning of The Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal to give a happy Christmas to needy families. Kettles will be located in front of Bresee’s in downtown Oneonta, FBC in the west end, at Jamesway, and possibly the Pyramid Mall in the East End. Bell ringers will be out Wednesday through Saturday, December 23. The Rotary Club will be manning a kettle at Bresee’s on Saturday, December 9 and the Kiwanis Club will man it on Saturday, December 16. The Christmas letter appeal will be sent out in Oneonta on December 1. One hundred and twenty dolls have been purchased by the Army for distribution to needy children at Christmas. These dolls are dressed by local individuals and groups in the community. Canned goods are donated through the school system. That project was kicked off by Bugbee School at its annual Thanksgiving Program this past Tuesday. Canned goods will be picked up at the schools on Wednesday, December 13. The canned goods are included in food baskets made up for distribution before Christmas.
November 1972

30 Years Ago
Administrators at A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital this week will begin studying suggestions dealing with a projected $2 million deficit in the hospital’s 1983 budget. Earlier this month, hospital officials announced that they may be forced to cut 50 employees from the facility’s staff to cope with the shortfall. However, they were quick to add that, whenever possible, the cuts would be made through attrition, and by not filling vacancies. The hospital currently employs about 650 people. The budget problem stems from a state decision, made in October, to place a ceiling on Medicare and Medicaid cost increases. Under the new limits hospitals would be allowed to increase medical costs covered by the two programs by 16 percent above 1981 prices for the years 1983 and 1984. Payments from Medicare and Medicaid make up roughly 70 percent of the hospital’s annual budget.
November 1982

20 Years Ago
SHARE (Self-Help & Resource Exchange) is a food cooperative that allows anyone regardless of income, to buy $35 worth of food for $14 and two hours of community service each month. SHARE, started in 1983 by an American businessman, is now found in 22 states. SHARE arrived in Otsego County about six months ago. This past Saturday, a whopping 29,205 pounds of food was handed out to area families according to Marie Lusins, coordinator of SHARE-Otsego. The food varies every month but always includes meat, fruit, vegetables and a staple such as potatoes or pasta, Lusins said.
November 1992

10 Years Ago
The meal for the Otsego County Senior Meals Program for Monday, November 25, will be: German sausage, sauerkraut and mustard; German potato salad; carrots; orange juice; hot dog roll, tapioca pudding. For Tuesday, November 26: Sliced turkey with gravy; bread stuffing; winter squash; tomato juice; rye bread; pumpkin pie. For Wednesday, November 27: Roast beef with gravy; mashed potatoes; red cabbage; pumpernickel bread; white cake with whipped topping. Thursday, November 28: Closed for Thanksgiving Day. Friday, November 29: Spaghetti and meatballs with sauce; Parmesan cheese; salad; warm garlic bread; chocolate chip cookie. Reservations must be made one day in advance.
November 2002



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