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FLY CREEK – Former Otsego Town Board member Julie Huntsman this evening called for Town Supervisor Anne Geddes Atwell, “for the good of the town, to resign immediately.”

“This is not my opinion here,” Huntsman, who resigned last night, said a few minutes ago.  “It’s about her competence and leadership.  And, by my experience, she has not demonstrated competence or leadership.”

She said Jon McManus, 35, the engineer who confronted the town board Tuesday evening, “was clearly out of control.  I don’t condone the way he delivered his message.”  But she said she did not resign because of that confrontation, but because of what she sees as Geddes Atwell’s failure as a supervisor.

The town supervisor was not immediately available this evening to respond.

Huntsman said the final straw was a personal jibe Geddes Atwell delivered at Planning Board vice chairman Joe Potrikus’ at the April Town Board meeting.  She did not go into detail, but said that remark convinced her to leave the board.

She said she had recommended Paul Russo as her replacement, but the Town Board did not act on that recommendation last evening.

“I absolutely love this town,” said Huntsman. “That’s why I ran for office and that’s why I’m making this statement now.”


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