Mayor Katz: Governor Acted For Residents, Environment

Here is a statement from Cooperstown Mayor Jeff Katz on Governor Cuomo’s decision to ban fracking:

“The Village of Cooperstown, heeding the voice of local residents, was an early opponent of fracking, putting out a statement in 2011 against this environmentally unsound practice. Studies showed that fracking was, and is, dangerous to our community and the environment as a whole.

“I am completely happy, and in full support, of Governor Cuomo’s decision to prohibit the risky practice of fracking that had the potential of endangering all New Yorkers. ‎At a time when other states are resisting, or ignoring, scientific studies and allowing volatile chemicals into their watersheds and surrounding ecosystems, Governor Cuomo acted with prudence and logic, putting New York firmly on the side of its residents and environment.

“The Village of Cooperstown thanks him for his decision.”