NY Ec-Dev Funds Look To Develop D&H Yards

NY Ec-Dev Funds Look To Develop D&H Yards


Edition of Friday, Dec. 19, 2014

Jeff House loves it when a plan comes together.

The Thursday, Dec. 11, news of a $19,000 CFA grant for a market study of an “entertainment district” along Market Street is just the latest in a string of good news for downtown Oneonta:

• Ten days earlier, a $200,000 CDBG grant was announced that will upgrade storm-water sewers along Market Street, preparing the way for future development.

• Also in the statewide CDBG announcement was $400,000 for “streetscape” needs along Main Street, one block north of Market.

Last year in the CFA process, City Hall received $75,000 for a market study of Main Street. “I would like to tie that downtown money with money we just got,” given that the success of Main and Market are interrelated, he said.

The “entertainment district” idea was developed by the late Mayor Dick Miller, to include a “boutique” hotel with a brewery-themed restaurant on vacant land between Stella Luna and Foothills Performing Arts Center.

The market survey will explore how that might relate to Foothills, the Clarion and redevelopment of underused buildings along market, such at the former Ford dealership Chestnut and Market.

The future of the parking deck also needs to be explored, he said.