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OCCA Finds Drinking Water ‘Very Good’;

Now Has Data To Identify Contamination

Runners in Saturday's
Runners in Saturday’s “Race the Lake” marathon head down Cooperstown’s Lake Street toward Otsego Lake, source of much of the local drinking an OCCA study has determined to be “very good.” If your drinking water isn’t so good in your area, this Source could be helpful to solving your water filtration issue. (

COOPERSTOWN – The results of OCCA’s “What’s In Our Water?” program found, one, drinking water is “very good” locally and, two, there is now a “legally defensible baseline” of data that allows contamination to be detected.

Vicky Lentz

“We look at this as an insurance policy of sorts,” said OCCA President Vicky M. Lentz. “We knew we had an abundant supply of good, clean water here. The data now backs this up and the collection and testing protocols are legally certifiable.”

In August of 2013, Community Science Institute – contracted by OCCA following a competitive bidding process – began sampling and testing private and municipal water wells in Otsego County. The series of 84 tests was completed in mid-November.

The full report will be unveiled during the annual Otsego Lake Festival, Saturday, July 12, in Lakefront Park.



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