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NEW YORK TIMES: Cuomo Makes Sense On Fracking

frackingThis was not an easy decision, but it was the right one. Many geologists and industry leaders believe that the deep shale formations underneath the state’s southern tier, known as the Marcellus Shale, contain bountiful supplies of natural gas. But extracting the gas, the governor concluded, carried — at least for now — unacceptable risks to the environment and human health.  READ MORE

FORBES:  In Fracking Ban, Politics Trumps Science

After hemming and hawing for five years, the state of New York decided to ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing of shale to extract petroleum.  Apparently, the state health commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker believes “we lack the necessary data.”  This is a copout used all too often (including in bizarre cases like justifying opposition to gay marriage), and is especially odd given the increasing number of studies that have support fracking if well regulated.  READ MORE

JOURNAL NEWS, Westchester:  NY Wisely Skips Fracking

The decision stemmed from scientific data (or the lack thereof) that left too many unknowns about environmental impact. Economic factors came into play, too. But a pile of expected lawsuits will claim politics was at the root.  READ MORE

BEFOREITSNEWS.COM: Liberals Can Celebrate Job Loss

Oh well, now the liberals can all celebrate the lack of job creation and infrastructure improvement in this once great state. READ MORE

PRESS & SUN BULLETIN: Region’s Economy Needs Boost

Gas extraction at the price of risking the public’s health is no bargain. We’ll thank Albany for looking out for the future health of our families and neighbors. But with that thanks comes a question about the economic futures of our families and neighbors: Now what? The region needs a lot of sparks to reignite its economic engines, and Wednesday’s decisions in Albany have left us with more questions and few answers about our future.  READ MORE



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