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centers healthcare

Centers Cuts Rate From $510 to $410

Centers Cuts Rate

From $510 to $410

Nursing Home Fee Affects ‘Private Payers’

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

Otsego Manor, which was sold to Focus in 2014, has been owned by Centers Healthcare since January. ( photo)

COOPERSTOWN – Centers Healthcare has advised the local Family Council it will scale back its April 1 increase in the “private payer” rate at its local nursing home (the former Focus) from $510 to $410 a day, Family Council chair Betsy Hayes has reported in an e-mail.

She said Aharon Lantzitsky, Centers division president, had just called her: “He wanted to assure me that Centers listened to our concerns and acted accordingly.  I thanked him for listening to us and responding.  I said the new fee seems a bit high but will wait to see what the community response is.”

EDITORIAL: Who’ll Protect Us From Centers?

Editorial, May 25, 2018

Who’ll Protect

Us From Centers?

News that Centers Health Care has raised the private-payer rate at the former county-owned Otsego Manor from $300 to $510 a day – $186,000 a year, the state’s highest – is almost too sad to contemplate.
Gary Koutnik, county board vice chairman and chair of the board’s Human Service Committee, reacted with the standard response: Since the once-excellent facility is privatized, what happens at Centers, nee Focus, is no longer the county board’s business.
That would not be satisfactory, except – given the Balkanized nature of the county board, 14 reps chosen from tiny constituencies – the county board can be non-responsive and get away with it.
Even given that reality, washing their collective 14 sets of hands is not satisfactory.
Within the bowels of county government, someone needs to develop expertise to do what can be done to ensure our elderly’s health needs are being met.
Right now, the only oversight at Centers is a volunteer family council.
Knowledge is power, and county government needs to assign someone to develop the knowledge to assure the least damage possible is done to the most vulnerable

Pony Trots Through Centers Health Care Halls

Pony Trots Through Nursing Home

Ruth Ellis, right, couldn’t stop smiling as she pet Cupid, a nine year old miniature pony. Ellis is a resident at Centers Healthcare in Cooperstown, where Cupid paid a visit on Monday afternoon. Cupid’s caretaker, Linda Cole, left, travelled with Cupid from Greenville, NY, and plans to visit the residents in Cooperstown at least once a month with Cupid. (Parker Fish/
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