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Applause, Tears As Trans Activist Janet Mock Speaks At SUNY

Applause, Tears As Activist Janet Mock Speaks At SUNY By LIBBY CUDMORE • for ONEONTA – Dr. Nancy Kleniewski choked back tears as she described Janet Mock, New York Times bestselling author, TV host and transgender rights activist, as a role model. “With your social media presence, #GirlsLikeUs, you’ve done so much to help transwomen,” said the SUNY Oneonta president.  “It’s very emotional.  You may have had your legends, but you’re the legend now.” Mock, author of this year’s Common Read,…


At Mills Lecture, Ishmael Baeh Inspires Students to Do For Others

SUNY’s ‘Common Read’ Author Urges Students To Help Others By LIBBY CUDMORE • for ONEONTA – Before he even knew he wanted to be a writer, Ishmael Baeh was learning the fundamentals of storytelling. “My father and I would play a game where he would put me on his shoulders and he would play he was blind,” he said.  “I had to tell him the world.  He would pretend to walk into the wall, into the fire, and I would…

‘Persepolis’ Author Satrapi Delivers Mills Lecture at SUNY

Author Satrapi’s ‘Persepolis’  Pierces Censorship, She Tells SUNY Audience By LIBBY CUDMORE • ONEONTA Seated comfortably between ferns and a slate-blue backdrop, Marjane Satrapi very quickly made herself at home chatting with Dr. Susan Bernardin. “English is not even my third language,” she said in a thick French accent by way of introduction.  “When I come to American for the first time, I learned English by watching a lot of movies, so I was saying the f-word a lot.  I…