Cooperstown Central school board


CCS Voters Pick Hayes, Spencer

$19 MILLION BUDGET OK’D CCS Voters Pick Hayes, Spencer COOPERSTOWN – Incumbent Tim Hayes was reelected to the Cooperstown Central school board today, joined by newcomer Gillian Spencer. The tallies were Hayes 283, Spencer 280, Kim Jastremski 272, Jeff Woeppel 246, and Bruce Markusen 188. The $19 million 2017-18 budget was approved, 577-211. Leasing a new bus was approved, 584-85. The budget for the Cooperstown library and Hartwick’s Kinney Library was approved, 526-146.  …


Jeff Woeppel 5th CCS Candidate

Jeff Woeppel 5th CCS Candidate COOPERSTOWN – Jeff Woeppel, the Bassett Healthcare vice president, is a fifth candidate for the Cooperstown Central school board, Superintendent of Schools Bill Crankshaw said today. He joins the field of incumbent Tim Hayes and three newcomers, Bruce Markusen, Kim Jastremski and Gillian Spencer in seeking to fill two vacancies in the Tuesday, May 16, election.…


Senior To CCS Board: We Won’t Be Bullied

E-PETITION SPURS DEBATE Senior To CCS Board: We Won’t Be Bullied By JIM KEVLIN • Special to COOPERSTOWN – Bobby Walker, a CCS senior and leader of the Otsego County Young Republicans, said he was called into the principal’s office and told to “remove” e-petitions he was circulating on behalf of Laurie Pestar, the elementary school secretary who was seeking an unpaid leave while she fights cancer. Walker refused to do so, and asked Middle/High School Principal Donna Lucy who…


Son Challenges CCS Board On Impersonal Note To Mom

Cancer-Fighting Secretary Served 30 Years Son Challenges CCS Board On Impersonal Note To Mom By JIM KEVLIN • Special to COOPERSTOWN – Friends, colleagues and the Marine son of Laurie Pestar, a 30-year elementary school secretary fighting cancer, confronted the Cooperstown Central School board this evening – not so much for rejecting her request for a six-month unpaid leave of absence, but by doing so in such a cold and impersonal way. “I will never forgive this board for this callous and…