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It’s The Fourth Of July! Sample The American Sandwich: Hamburgers


It’s The Fourth Of July!

Sample American’s Sandwich,

The Not-So-Humble Hamburger

I ordered Lizard Lick’s Lower Deck burger, which has “zesty lizard bbq,” crumbled bleu cheese, lettuce, and tomato. The lizard BBQ, spread liberally on both sides of the bun, tasted sweet, rather than ‘zesty” (which, to me, connotes a more tangy, spicy sauce), but that worked well with the blue cheese’s saltiness.

And I don’t normally notice a burger’s lettuce and tomatoes that much, but Lower’s Deck’s large romaine leaf was perfectly crunchy and its tomato slices ripe and juicy. And the patty, clearly made of top-grade beef, was cooked medium rare, my ideal amount. The combination of excellent meat, sweet bbq sauce, savory bleu cheese, and the perfect lettuce and tomatoes made the burger sublime.

Staff Reporter

When ordering a burger at Wise Guy Sammy’s it’s all about who you know. Lola, Murphy, the Drunken Cowboy or the Texas Hitman. You always feel like your name dropping at an exclusive club.

I will admit, I am new to the WGS burger menu, until how I was only familiar with their vast array of hot and cold sandwiches. But this year, as WGS has expanded to include a bar and an ice cream parlor across the street, so grows their catalogue of ever-changing daily specials.

All of their burgers are Angus beef and served on a perfectly toasted brioche bun. There are no flat or limp burgers here. These burgers arrive and practically demand you unhinge your jaw to eat them, all the while cozied up to shining examples of French fry perfection.

My lunch date was with Lola, an angus beef burger with double smoked bacon, pepperjack cheese, chipotle mayo, and a sunny-side up egg. If breakfast had a baby with a 4th of July cookout, it would be the Lola burger. There are so many flavors swirling around in this burger, none of which overpowering the other but all complimenting each other.

Two things are certain at Wise Guy Sammy’s: 1) If you can’t beside between a sandwich and a burger, chances are they have a burger that combines the two, and 2) You will not leave hungry. (Wise Guy Sammy’s – 261-267 Main St, Oneonta)

Staff Photographer

Indulge yourself with an overflowing burger full of powerful flavor at the Council Rock Brewery. The zealous burger includes steak, the local favorite Spurbeck’s sharp cheddar cheese, paired with mustard sauce, greens, pickles, apple smoked bacon and more flavor packed layers. Just try to keep the burger and the green between the buns instead of falling on your plate (or elsewhere) (Council Rock Brewery, 4861 NY-28, Cooperstown.)

Office Manager

I usually go to Sloan’s and have their brisket sandwich. It’s juicy and tender, on a great bun and it just melts in your mouth. However, our assignment this week was burgers, so that’s what I had this time!
Sloan’s gets pretty creative with their hamburgers, you can be boring and just get a plain burger or you can go over the top and get what I had: the Hogger Burger.

It was the best of both worlds; a burger with BBQ pulled pork and cole slaw all loaded on top. My friend had the Brisket Burger that was topped with BBQ brisket and cheddar. We split it all and couldn’t decide which was better. The buns were toasted and the ½ pound of beef was juicy, almost too much to eat.
It’s nice at Sloan’s because the sandwiches come with your choice of sides that range from fries to onion rings to a salad. Plenty for lunch…or dinner! (Sloans NY Grill, 337 Chestnut St., Oneonta)

General Manager

What goes better with a beer than a burger? Nothing I can think of! And the Red Shed Brewery’s new food truck has brought the same care they put into their brews to a bunch of great new burgers.
I got the Blue Burger, locally raised, grass-fed beef topped with blue cheese, bacon and drunk maple bourbon onions. The burger was juicy, and the bacon crisp and the combo of maple onions and blue cheese was salty, pungent, delicious magic.

I take that back – because you can get tator tots at the Red Shed, and THOSE go best with a burger…and a beer. (Red Shed Brewery, 709 Co Hwy 33, Cooperstown)

Managing Editor

Food–And What a View!


Food–And What a View!

Such a nice way to spend an hour! We went to The Hawkeye Bar and Grill at The Otesaga for lunch.
It’s one of my favorite places to go where I can pretend to be a tourist – the outdoor seating is by the lake and you’re only separated from the water by rolling grass. Skiers on the lake. Kids playing lawn games. People getting sun by the pool.

Touristy things. It puts everyone in a good mood!

And the lunch…I think they have about the best Caesar salad around, I had it topped with a perfectly seared piece of salmon. It’s so fresh and refreshing. My friend had an unusual dish, the Roasted Vegetable Tart. It was a Fontina crust puffed pastry filled with asparagus, goat cheese, onions, peas and fava beans. It had a little carrot salad on the side and looked tasty. The combination of all of the flavors really works.

Try The Otesaga for dinner as well, the “After 5 Menu” will satisfy everyone in your party. The last time we were there for dinner we enjoyed the slow roasted prime rib. Cooked perfectly and just melted in my mouth. Someone got the Truffled Mushroom burger, to die for! Roasted mushrooms, brie, arugula then topped with Truffle Aioli. You can’t go wrong with that combination. It’s served on a cutting board with fries. Delicious! (The Otesaga Resort Hotel 60 Lake St., Cooperstown)

General Manager

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