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Welfare Check Leads To Oneonta Heroin Bust

Welfare Check Leads

To Oneonta Heroin Bust

Oneonta Police arrested Kyle Alger after finding a plastic bag and 12 paper packets that allegedly tested positive for heroin.
Kyle Alger

ONEONTA – An Oneonta man was arrested and charged with heroin possession Friday night after a neighbor called for a welfare check.

Kyle L. Alger, 20, was interviewed by police at his 16 Rose Avenue home after a neighbor called to complain that someone was vomiting outside of Alger’s vehicle. When police arrived, Alger allegedly got out of his vehicle and threw an item underneath, and inspection of the area uncovered two grams of bulk heroin in a knotted plastic bag, as well as 11 individually packaged paper folds.

According to police, the substance in the packets tested positive for heroin. A subsequent search revealed another paper packet of suspected heroin, as well as $532.

3 Arrested In Oneonta for Heroin, Crack, Pills

3 Arrested In Oneonta

For Heroin, Crack, Pills

Michael Lightly
Michael Lightly
Shakeem Enang
Shakeem Enang
Haley Cornell
Haley Cornell

ONEONTA – Heroin, crack cocaine and prescription pills were seized during a Sunday morning drug bust on Rose Avenue that lead to the arrest of an Oneonta woman and two men from the Bronx.

Haley E. Cornell, 26, Oneonta, was arrested with Shakeem D.Q. Enang, 26 and Michael J. Lightly, 31, both of Bronx were arrested after a no-knock warrant at 2 Rose Avenue in the city.  Sheriff’s deputies, assisted by the Oneonta Police Department, allegedly seized a quantity of heroin, crack cocaine, Oxycodon, hydrocodone, marijuana, hypodermic needles and $1,834 in cash.

Xanax, Marijuana Seized in Elm Street Bust

Xanax, Marijuana, Seized

In Dawn Raid on Elm Street

Suspected Xanax, marijuana and cash were seized by police in an early-morning raid on Elm Street.
Suspected Xanax, marijuana and cash were seized by police in an early-morning raid on Elm Street.
Nicholas Monaco
Nicholas Monaco
Gregory Garcia
Gregory Garcia
Glen Carey
Glen Carey

ONEONTA – Police are reporting that a raid in an Elm Street home at 6:45 this morning led to three arrests for possessing $1,500 worth of Xanax, $4,000 worth of marijuana and $100 in counterfeit bills.

Glen Carey, 21, Malverne, Gregory Garcia, 21, Franklin Square, and Nicholas P. Monaco, 21, Nyack, were charged with the class D felony of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 5th degree for possessing the Xanax pills at their 9-11 Elm Street residence in the City of Oneonta.  Using a search warrant, police also allege they uncovered a quantity of marijuana, $4,000 cash  and two counterfeit $50 bills. 

Oneonta Robbery Investigation Leads To Occupant Drug Bust

Oneonta Robbery Investigation

Leads To Occupant Drug Bust


ONEONTA – In the course of investigating last night’s burglary at 73 Center Street, the home’s occupant was arrested for possessing nearly 10 pounds of marijuana.

Alexander Coffran, 27, was arrested and charged with Criminal Possession after 9.6 lbs of marijuana, valued between $55-$60,000, was recovered from his home as police investigated a robbery from a distress call they received at 1:40 a.m.

In addition, $300 worth of concentrated cannabis and $2,377 in cash were secured.

The maxim sentence for a class D felony is seven years incarceration.

The investigation into the burglary is ongoing.

Fourth Person Arrested In Walmart Drug Bust

4th Person Arrested

In Walmart Drug Bust

Dennis Mitchell

ONEONTA – A man who allegedly purchased marijuana from Jason Lee Foster in the Walmart parking lot in Southside Oneonta has been arrested, the county District Attorney’s office reported today.

Dennis Curtis Mitchell, 31, of Sidney, is alleged to have taken an ounce of marijuana out of Foster’s unlocked truck and left $250 cash in its place on Thursday, Dec. 15.  

A warrant of arrest for conspiracy in the sixth degree, a misdemeanor, was obtained by the Town of Oneonta court for his arrest on Dec. 24, and yesterday, with assistance from the Village of Sidney police department, Mitchell was arrested.

He was arraigned by Oneonta Town Judge Bruce A. Smith and remanded to the county Correctional Facility on $500 bail, returnable Jan. 21 in Town of Oneonta Court.  

Chief Assistant District Attorney Michael F. Getman is prosecuting the case.

Three Arrested In WalMart Drug Bust

Three Arrested In

WalMart Drug Bust

Jason Lee Foster
Joseph Lukeman
Alice Foster
Alice Foster

ONEONTA – Three Mount Vision residents were arrested this afternoon on a variety of charges after investigators observed “suspicious activity” in the WalMart parking lot on Southside Drive, Oneonta.

On Thursday, Dec. 15, investigators observed a suspected drug deal in the Walmart parking lot and observed, in plain view, two pills in a plastic baggie inside the vehicle.  They traced the vehicle’s owner, Jason Lee Foster, 33, and determined that earlier that morning, he left an ounce of marijuana that he was going to sell in his unlocked pickup truck in the parking lot. Another individual later went into Foster’s truck, retrieved the marijuana and left $250 in cash.  

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