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Iron String Press Writers Earn Accolades from Their Peers

Iron String Press is the sole remaining independent and locally owned newspaper publishing enterprise in Otsego County. Through its print publications and its digital counterpart,, Otsego County households have the benefit of local news in local hands at a time when the U.S. is losing an average of more than two community newspapers each week.…


Citizen Science: Energy Demystified: Potential Energy’s Untapped Value

Potential energy is the energy stored in an object because of its position, condition or state. It’s the energy of anticipation, the calm before the storm, the coil in the spring, the water held back by the dam, the double-A battery fresh from the factory, the caterpillar before the butterfly, that butterfly and all his friends and relatives in your stomach right before the roller coaster’s plunge.…


Citizen Science: Navigating the Waters of Truth

Filtering water closely parallels the filtration of our daily information intake. It takes time and effort. Full filtration is particularly expensive, costing a great deal of time and effort; however, the cost may be less severe with cleaner sources.…


Citizen Science: The Flamingo Conspiracy: They’re Out To Get You

...conspiracy theories have steep costs for Americans, both as individuals and as a society. They erode trust in institutions, from the government to the press, making it harder for these bodies to function effectively on our behalf. Personal relationships become strained as folks become deeply invested in views that set them at odds with friends and family.…


Citizen Science: Science Is a Word Game

Asimov then traces 1,500 terms through history, starting at their roots—their etymologies, their origins. Because so many science words have Greek and Latin roots hidden inside them, learning even a few of these roots can seriously help students, professionals, and anyone frustrated by their doctor’s medical gibberish.…