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Key to City

Al Cleinman recieves Key to City

Cleinman Receives Key to City for Beautification

Mayor Dick Miller awards Al Cleinman the key to the city. (Ian Austin/
Mayor Dick Miller awards Al Cleinman the key to the city. (Ian Austin/

ONEONTA – In a small recognition ceremony earlier this afternoon, Al Cleinman of Cleinman Performance Partners, gave a check for $2,500 to the City of Oneonta for Civic Beautification. Mayor Dick Miller had his own gift to give; the key to the city of Oneonta, which he awarded to Cleinman.

“Al’s idea for making this part (of Oneonta) turned out to be a wonderful improvement.” said Miller, “Alan’s Island, which was a joint project between the City of Oneonta, The Garden Club and Cleinman Preformance Partners has made a significant improvement to Oneonta. The gifts the have given go far beyond this small island.”

Cleinman has other ambitious ideas for decorating up the entrance to the city on the James F. Lettis highway, but they have yet to be finalized. “It is not a decision, it is a responsibility of ours to beautify our city.” said Cleinman, “We have a lot of entrances to this city, I challenge others to take this idea and do more with it. “

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