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Lt. Douglas Brenner

Suspect Held In New Year’s Death


Suspect Held In

New Year’s Death

Joshua Underwood

ONEONTA – A 25-year-old Oneonta man called police and confessed to killing his friend in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day, Oneonta Police report.

At 3:30 a.m. today, officers met Joshua P. Underwood at the Mirabito on Southside after Underwood called 911 and said, “I think I killed my friend,” the OPD reports.

Underwood was taken to the station.   Officers were sent to 229 Main St. where they report finding a 52-year-old male dead from “blunt force trauma.”

Police: Man Brought Heroin By Bus

Police: Man Brought

Heroin To City By Bus

Michael Young
Michael Young

ONEONTA – Police arrested a New York City man for allegedly bringing 149 bags of heroin into Oneonta by commercial bus.

Michael J. Young, 32, New York City, was arrested Sunday at the bus station on Market Street after Oneonta police received information regarding a possible delivery of illegal drugs into the City of Oneonta.

“We got a description and posted officers at the Trailways bus station,” said Lt. Douglas Brenner.  “We recognized him as soon as he got off.”

Doghouse Theft Leads Police On Foot Chase In Center City

Doghouse Theft Leads Police

On Foot Chase In Center City

Alex Tolman
Alex Tolman

ONEONTA – The alleged theft of a doghouse from a Church Street porch lead police on a foot chase to nab the suspect.

At 2:34 a.m., the homeowner at 18 Church St. alerted police that someone was trying to steal a doghouse off his front porch.  Police responded, and the suspect fled, dropping the doghouse on the lawn and damaging it.

The chase continued to Lawn Avenue, where Alex Tolman, 22, Poughkeepsie, was apprehended, police said.    Intoxicated, he told officers he “thought it would be funny” to take the doghouse and put it on another porch in the neighborhood, according to police.

Pedestrian Struck At Maple and Main

Car Hits Woman

At Maple, Main

ONEONTA – A young woman  is recovering from minor injuries after being struck by a car in the crosswalk at Maple and Main.

On Sunday afternoon, Clayton Corna, 22, was driving eastbound on Main Street when he turned left onto Maple.  According to police, he struck a female pedestrian, who Lt. Doug

Suspect In Oneonta Rite Aid Robbery Charged With Robbing Walgreens

Suspect In Oneonta Rite Aid Robbery

Charged In Walgreens Robbery, Too

Charles Howe
Charles Howe

ONEONTA – An Otego man charged with attempting to rob Rite Aid was also charged with robbing Walgreens last night, Oneonta police report.

Charles M. Howe, 26, Otego, was arrested after police alleged he entered the Rite Aid at 94 Chestnut St. early this morning, made a purchase and attempted to grab cash out of the drawer.  

He fought briefly with the cashier, then fled the scene.  A store employee followed Mr. Howe as he exited the store advising responding officers of his direction of flight, police said.

Suspect In Custody After Attempted Rite Aid Robbery

Suspect In Custody After

Attempted Rite Aid Robbery

ONEONTA – A suspect is in custody after attempting a “strong-arm” robbery at the Rite Aid at 94 Chestnut Street this morning, Oneonta Police Lt. Doug Brenner is reporting.

“The suspect entered the store and attempted to reach over the counter to take money from the register,” Brenner said.  “A tussle ensued, and the suspect fled.”

The suspect is in custody.  This is a developing story, please check back for details.


Second Man Arrested For Oneonta Robbery

Second Man Arrested 

For Oneonta Robbery

Ernesto Santiago
Ernesto Santiago

ONEONTA – A second arrest has been made in the case of a home invasion, burglary and assault that allegedly took place in early January.

Ernesto D. Santiago, 39, was arrested yesterday for the felonies of robbery in the first degree, burglary in the first degree, criminal use of a firearm in the first degree and menacing in the second degree.

He is accused of breaking into a city of Oneonta house and injuring the occupant during the course of the robbery.  He faces up to 82 years incarceration.

Yesterday, Daquan Davis, 18, was arrested and charged for the same case.  The relationship between the two is still being explored, according to Oneonta Police Lt. Douglas Brenner 

The investigation is still ongoing.


Oneonta Police Warn: No Skating in Neahwa

Oneonta Police Warn:

No Skating in Neahwa

ONEONTA – It may chilly out, but Oneonta Police have issued a warning that Hodges Pond in Neahwa Park is not open for skating.

“The ice on the pond has not reached a safe level of thickness to allow ice skating or any type of activities on the ice,” said  Lieutenant Doug Brenner in a press release.  “The risk of falling through the ice and into the freezing cold water remains significant. Anyone who is found to be on pond will be asked to leave immediately.

For the safety of all, please do not wander onto the ice for any reason.  In the event of an emergency on the pond call 911 immediately and remain on the scene until emergency crews arrive.”

Driver Ticketed After Pedestrian Injured

Driver Ticketed After

Pedestrian Injured

ONEONTA – Mark Fedorov, Maryland, was ticketed this morning for failing to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk after his car struck an elderly man crossing the street at the corner of Main and Chestnut.

“He was making a left and it was raining pretty hard.  He just didn’t see him,” said Police Lt. Douglas Brenner.  “He bumped him, and the man fell.”

The victim hit his head in the fall and was transported to Fox Hospital, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Bloody Footprints Lead To Felony Arrest



These bloody footprints in front of the Townhouse Inn lead police right to Evan Bowker,  right, who they arrested for criminal mischief.
These bloody footprints in front of the Townhouse Inn led police right to Evan Bowker, right, who they arrested for criminal mischief.

ONEONTA – A trail of bloody footprints in front of the Townhouse Inn on Main Street led city police to arrest Evan C. Bowker, 21, on charges of kicking in a window in the Ruffino Mall, a class E felony. This can result in a prison sentence which will heavily impact Bowker’s future. There are services like RJF Felons which would be able to help him find employment when he is released, but many institutions will not be willing to overlook his criminal record.

Evan Bowke
Evan Bowker

“He sliced his leg open, so we followed the trail of blood,” said Lt. Douglas Brenner. “We took him to the hospital to for treatment.”

The call came in at 12:13 a.m. this morning, and witnesses at the scene told police that Bowker was with two other males. He was found with them, bleeding severely from a laceration on his leg and was transported by the Oneonta Fire Department to Fox Hospital, where he was treated and released, police reported.

Police charged him with the class E felony of Criminal Mischief in the 3rd degree for intentionally breaking property with a value in excess of $250. If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison.

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