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Nov 2017

HENRICI:  Marietta Brings Wisdom, Humor

HENRICI:  Marietta Brings Wisdom, Humor

To the Editor,

I am a political person who generally keeps her opinions to herself.  However, I don’t think I betray that persuasion in the least by endorsing Andrew Marietta for county rep – he is someone we can all stand behind with pride.

When I moved to Cooperstown nearly eight years ago, I began reaching out to anybody who was willing to listen, hoping to make connections and build a life here.  All roads led to Andy – he was seemingly involved in every aspect of public life.

Andy introduced me to the right people and I owe much of my success (if I can be so bold as to call it that) to his generosity.  Along my career path, Andy never wavered in his support, acting as an adviser and helping me get the exceptional training I needed to serve our community well.

And that’s really Andy’s objective:  He works hard every day to help make our community better and stronger.  It’s a simple mission and one to which he is wholly devoted.

That said, Andy is not someone filled with flowery inspiration or spouting pretty talk.  He is a man of precise action, strategy, and ethics.  Andy does his research and makes decisions based on practicality and the good of all people – the embodiment of a common-sense approach with heart.

Andy cannot be influenced by greed or power.  It’s not in his DNA.  He will always take the high road, even at his own expense.  He does not shy from a challenge, but he also chooses his battles carefully and errs on the side of a collaborative, peaceful approach.   Andy does what he says every day, applying his extensive knowledge and skills to make Otsego County a place where home and business thrive.

I am grateful to call Andrew Marietta a friend and colleague – his is a special mixture of wisdom, humor, expertise and dedication.  I encourage everyone to take a hard look at his credentials.  Whether you vote with your head or your heart (or both), you’ll know you made the right choice if you elect Andy.


Director of Education

Fenimore Art Museum

& The Farmers’ Museum

WILBER:  Walker Disciplined, Experienced

WILBER:  Walker Disciplined, Experienced

To the Editor:

I must take issue with your assertion that County Government does not work very well. You are at every board meeting, yet you still make this assertion. I can only assume that you are perhaps asleep in the back of the room. The list of accomplishments would put me over your word limit.

This is also great news that Andrew Marietta has determined the committee system does not work. Perhaps he should share that with the other 61 counties throughout New York, the state Senate and Assembly and the U.S. Congress, because they all use the same system. It’s called being responsible to the electorate.

The reason Andrew Marietta shares that opinion is because a governing board is a team sport and

Andrew is an “I” kind of guy. If Andrew took the time to learn about the committee system he might function better within that environment. But true to form, Andrew points out problem but never offers a solution.

Andrew reminds me of the dentist in the LieLock commercial. He only informs you have cavity, he doesn’t do anything about it.

I am eager to learn what his solution is to replace the committee system. Perhaps he believes the county manager would replace it. Just another example of his lack of understanding of government.

I was surprised to learn he also resurrected the county strategic plan all by himself. I and about a dozen other board members were not aware that it had been scrapped. Anyone who has worked on a town comprehensive plan knows that it takes a long time to finalize such a document. But then again, Andrew doesn’t attend his town meetings to know that.

Please vote for Tim Walker, a disciplined and experienced person who will be a team player to

Represent the Town of Otsego.


Otsego County

Board member

Town of Burlington


KUZMINSKI: Vote For Democratic Slate

KUZMINSKI: Vote For Democratic Slate

To the Editor:

Sustainable Otsego has endorsed the following candidates for county board: Leslie Berliant, Nicole Dillingham, Gary Koutnik, Danny Lapin, Andrew Marietta, Adrienne Martini, Chad McEvoy, Cathy Nardi, Pat Ryan, Liz Shannon, Tom Spychalski, and Andrew Stammel.

They all support the principles of sustainable living, economic self-reliance and home rule. As we face the future, it’s clear that we can no longer rely, as we used to, on distant governments and corporations to provide for our social and economic security. Increasingly, we’re going to have to do it ourselves. Our communities and our resources are repeatedly challenged; social and economic security is harder to come by. Incomes are low, jobs are scarce, and young people migrate elsewhere. For far too long, majorities on the county board have failed to respond to these challenges.

We need new leadership in Otsego County, especially on the county Board of Representatives. We need people, like the candidates above, who are ready to aggressively defend the interests of our communities. Otsego County desperately needs a voice of its own – and these candidates are the ones who can give it that voice. If you are happy with the way things are, vote for their opponents. But if you think we need a change, here’s a chance to do something about it.


Fly Creek

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