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NOTEWORTHY: Trust is Key to Success of Vertically Integrated Farm
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Trust is Key to Success of
Vertically Integrated Farm

Teresa Labruzzo, co-owner of Dream Weaver Farm in Richfield Springs, admits she was not at all sure if there would be any customers when they opened their farm store two years ago. But in fact, market research wasn’t necessary after all…there is a huge demand for DWF’s products. This edition of “The Life of the Land” will explore some of the elements which make this an agricultural success story.

DWF builds upon agricultural expertise and local good will established by the Labruzzo family over generations. The good health of soil and water is a high priority. Although not certified organic, the farm utilizes sustainable practices such as crop rotation, composting, rotational grazing, and minimal tillage to reduce reliance on pesticides and herbicides. In addition to the usual corn and soy, crops such as buckwheat, oats, and rye play an important role in soil restoration and in the production of high quality animal feeds, hay and straw products, and honey.

News from the Noteworthy: Much Ado About Methane

News from the Noteworthy

Much Ado About Methane

Our column, The Life of the Land, is an exploration of local agricultural practices. Several of our pieces will focus on farms which raise grass-fed animals; here we address the environmental implications of locally raised livestock.

It is indisputable that industrial livestock management is an ecological disaster. This has led to pronouncements from numerous authoritative agencies to eat “less meat” or even “no meat”. Yet grass-fed production of livestock is an important and growing component of our local agricultural economy. For those of us who wish to support these farms, is their meat actually environmentally “better meat”?

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