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Foxes, Skunks Concern Center City Neighbors

Foxes, Skunks Concern

Center City Neighbors

Patricia Crow asked Common Council to consider hiring a wildlife expert after she saw a fox running loose in her Center City neighborhood (Ian Austin/
Police Chief Doug Brenner warned that if citizens see a sick animal not to approach it, but to instead call police or the DEC.

ONEONTA – Patricia Crow, 14 Myrtle Ave, told Oneonta Common Council that she spotted a fox near her home in Center City on Thursday, Sept. 14.

“I clearly sighted a fox traveling across my neighbor’s back yard.” she said. “Never in my nearly 70 years have I seen a fox in Center City.”

Though she warned that foxes were “not safe for the citizens of Oneonta,” The Humane Society says that foxes are not considered dangerous and are generally scared of humans, especially if they make a loud noise. Dogs and adult cats are generally safe from foxes, but kittens, rabbits and other small animals could be considered prey and should be kept inside.

However, Police Chief Doug Brenner says there has been an “uptick” in sick animals, namely skunks, including four in one week. “These animals were not well,” he said. “They were rolling in the street.”

Walk On The Wild(Life) Side

Walk On The Wild(Life) Side

Visitors on Railroad Avenue in Cooperstown got a surprise visit from this skunk late Saturday afternoon, who, after wandering down Railroad Avenue, took a brief turn down Leatherstocking Street, then off to Main Street past Bruce Hall, where Dave LaDuke snapped this photo. Though skunks are normally hibernating this time of year, the weekend's mid-50s weather may have roused this little guy from his slumber.
Though skunks are normally hunkered down in their dens this time of year, the weekend’s mid-50s weather may have roused this little guy from his slumber.  He was spotted wandering down Railroad Avenue around 3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 26 toward Bruce Hall Hardware.  Dave LaDuke snapped this photo.
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