Property-Rights Activist Plans Rally At Courthouse

Property-Rights Activist

Plans Rally At Courthouse

Judy Pepenella was named a Woman of Distinction by the state Senate in 2011.
Judy Pepenella was named a Woman of Distinction by the state Senate in 2011.

COOPERSTOWN – Judy Pepenella, a founding board member of the Conservative Society for Action and the Long Island Coordinator for New Yorkers for Property Rights, will hold a property-rights rally and press conference at noon this coming Friday on the steps of the County Office Building on upper Main Street.

“Otsego County has been using aggressive foreclosure methods to steal properties from residents with the excuse they owe back taxes,” a press released from Pepenella stated.  “These properties have been put onto the auction block and sold to the highest bidder. While some property owners may not be able to pay their back taxes, the county has been breaking their own laws by NOT accepting past due taxes from property owners prior to the auction date.”

At least two properties in the 2014 auction were taken by the despite their homeowners’ offers to pay back taxes before the tax sale.  One, Maria Ajello of Richfield Springs, was evicted from her home this fall.  The other, Bob Force of Gilbertsville, is still fighting the taking in court.

“New York State has been plagued by corrupt politicians for too long,” Pepenella, who called for people “who want to know the truth” to turn out at the rally, was quoted as saying.  “These elected continue to assume their rights are more important than the rights of the citizens who elected them.”

One thought on “Property-Rights Activist Plans Rally At Courthouse

  1. Russell Ahrens

    Otsego County Took a home and land from a deseased Vietnam Verteran who died from Cancer linked to his exposure to Agent Orange while in combat.
    The County is rife with nepotism and collusion.
    They sold the home and land to a County employee thaty has financial information RE tax sales.
    dEED TWAS TRANSFERRED and Ajello was eviicted thus becoming “homeless”
    The bidder now collects rent and has taken the additional 73 acres and retitled it.
    She still enjoys the “combat veteran’s exemption and is seeking a farmland exemption.
    No wponer folks distrust the goverment.
    The Court appeal is stillpending.

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