Seward On Budget: NYS Outmigration About To Get Worse


Seward On Budget:

NYS Outmigration

About To Get Worse

In remarks on the state Senator floor, Jim Seward, R-Milford, expresses his dismay at the new budget.

ALBANY – Reacting to the FY2020 state budget approved over the weekend, state Sen. Jim Seward, R-Milford, declared almost $6 billion in new taxes by the end of next year mean outmigration from New York State is “about to get worse.”

Here is Seward’s complete statement:

“New York is one of the few states experiencing a decrease in population and it’s about to get worse.  A recent poll revealed that more than a third of New Yorkers cannot afford to live here, and nearly half of our young people are planning to leave. 

“Our next generation of entrepreneurs, local leaders, and families are set to flee the state and this budget will not change their minds. 

 “The newly adopted state budget, which I opposed, increases taxes by more than $1.4 billion this year and $4.5 billion next year.  The plan does nothing to help struggling small businesses, ignores our upstate needs, and slaps more unfunded mandates on local governments. The budget is also loaded with policy initiatives that do not reflect the concerns I hear from people every day.

 “Improving affordability and boosting economic development were my priorities at the start of the budget process and this plan falls flat on both concerns.”

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