Window For Vaccinations

Opened At Kinney Drugs

Vaccine Quickly Exhausted, But More Due

RICHFIELD SPRINGS – Kinney Drugs here was inoculating people for a while here Sunday, after obtaining a cache of the anti-COVID vaccine, according to an individual who received the vaccination.

Appointments were quickly snapped up and the vaccine used up, he said.

So far, the pharmacy at 10 West Main St. has been the only in-county outlet that has provided vaccinations to the general 1B population – people 65 and older.

This message was posted on today: “Response has been tremendous and currently, all appointments in New York are BOOKED; however, additional appointments will open up as more vaccine becomes available.  We ask that you please do NOT call your local store, as they are focused on serving patients and will have no additional information.  Thank you so much for your patience!”

The announcement added, “If you already have an appointment with Kinney Drugs for your COVID vaccination, we already have your vaccine on hand. You’re all set. Don’t worry!”

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