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Tests, Reduced Capacity

Key To Reopening Plans

COOPERSTOWN – Cooperstown Dreams Park will be submitting plans to the state Department of Health to allow it to field a 2021 youth-baseball season at its Hartwick Seminary campus this summer, it announced today.

The plan asks the DOH to take “into consideration camp testing and reduced capacity,” according to the statement from Attorney Garo Gozigian, the company’s local lawyer.

Dreams Park said it is awaiting “clarification and direction from DOH and Governor Cuomo.

For the 2021 season, the park would be closed to the general public.

“Our plan will require that all camp participants and registered family members provide proof of negative testing or inoculation in accordance with New York State guidelines,” the statement said.

The statement said “the plan to expand the season at reduced capacity is in the best interest, safety, health and wellbeing of Cooperstown and the surrounding community.”




  1. The best interest, safety, health and wellbeing of Cooperstown and Otsego County is to not open any baseball parks. People travel all over and come from all over. There is no reason to open these parks except for monetary gain. Are we willing to put more lives at risk in OUR community just to gain a profit?

  2. Millions of people will be vaccinated by the summer. It should be up to the traveler to make this decision. The facility will be following safety measures. If the residents want Cooperstown and Otsego to flourish we need to have thriving businesses, not hide under our beds forever. It’s still a free country, let people decide for themselves. If not, we might as well put up a historical marker where the town used to be.

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