4 Win ‘Beauty Of Nature’ Contest

4 Photographers Win $25 Prizes In ‘Beauty Of Nature’ Contest

COOPERSTOWN – Four photographs were chosen from 44 entries in the “Beauty in Nature” amateur photo contest Nov. 7-8, sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church’s Environmental Stewardship Team.

Ava’s “Milkweed Seedpod”
Ava’s “Milkweed Seedpod”

The winners in each age group received $25 prizes:

• Ava Calhoun, age 5-9, for “Milkweed Seedpod”

• Sofia Ingalls, age 10-15, for “Shale Stream”

• Kylen Smullens, age 16-21, for “The Notch, Stowe, Vermont”; and

• Nancy Morris, over 21, for “At the Pond”.

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