AG: If Visitor Offers Free Virus Test, Beware Of Scam


If Visitor Offers

Free Virus Test,

Beware Of Scam

Letitia James

ALBANY – State Attorney General Letitia James today issued a warning about a scam in Otsego County.

If an individual knocks on your door purporting to represent the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and offering tests for the Coronavirus for a fee, beware:  It’s a scam, the attorney general advises.

“We must remain vigilant against any scam designed to exploit people’s anxiety, especially during a global pandemic,” said James.  “New Yorkers should know that no one from the CDC or another health agency is knocking on doors to provide tests for COVID-19 for a fee.”

If anyone believes they are being scammed, call her complaint line, (800) 771-7755.

James warned scammers commonly exploit real public health concerns and use heightened public fear to prey on consumers and profit from frauds related to those health fears.  She has sent multiple cease-and-desist letters to individuals and companies marketing supposed treatments or cures for the Coronavirus, including Alex Jones, The Silver Edge company, Dr. Sherill Sellman, and televangelist Jim Bakker.

There is currently no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent the disease or treatment to cure it, and the World Health Organization said there’s no medicine to prevent or treat the disease.  Click for details

The AG also advised citizens that it’s against the law in New York for anyone to charge excessive prices for hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, and rubbing alcohol.

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