Anti-Amazon Forces Alive – In Oneonta



Forces Alive –

In Oneonta

Don’t think for a second that  the Amazon debacle we just experienced in New York City isn’t happening right here in our community.
This was more than evident at the City of Oneonta State of the City  Tuesday, March 5, as reported on What should have been a good evening for the city turned into a complete mess.
A small group of people with an unreasonable view on the environment put a complete stop to an announcement concerning the DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative) and particularly the future development of the D&H railyard.
The group was reported to be about 30 people. Of this group, a few were identified and I would assume even more don’t even live in the City of Oneonta. This certainly does not represent a majority view for the city or even our community.
Let’s be frank here, the people who shoulder the burden of the local tax levy, who are raising their families and who are truly concerned about the future of our whole community, are not attending meetings most evenings.
This “rule by loud angry mob” mentality is exactly what extreme radical socialist liberals like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez did to stop Amazon in New York City and it is being done here in Otsego County as well.
These actions WILL KILL JOBS. Period.
Not only will these extremist actions delay development and keep jobs from coming, but if you were a business person looking to move here and saw this type of reaction to business growth you would run the other way too.
Many of you may have also heard of the recent crisis in Westchester County: ConEd has said it will be cutting off service to new customers and businesses due to a lack of supply and New York’s unwillingness to work toward an increase.
Make no mistake; this isn’t a problem unique to downstate or larger areas. It is happening right here.
The next time you see one of your elected representatives or a member of the Otsego Now board of directors, ask how many businesses have been turned away due to the lack of
energy supply in our county.
(Spoiler Alert: Prepare to be shocked!)
Now don’t get me wrong, I fully believe we need to protect our environment and I have always thought myself as more of a George Pataki Republican. I support protecting and preserving green space, our air, and water, but it cannot be done at the expense of smart and sustainable growth for our future.
We need to be responsible, but also take a reasonable approach and not create an undue burden on new or expanding businesses. While it is fair and sensible to be looking at new technologies and innovative ways to produce energy, we also can’t lose sight on working to create new jobs and expand the existing tax base. Or in our current situation scare business away with external radical rhetoric.
This is also not a problem or view of one political party. The Amazon deal was led by our Democratic governor and the meeting last evening in Oneonta was hijacked from the Democratic mayor and Common Council.
We are talking about a fringe group of people and elected officials who believe in socialism and an extreme liberal agenda and wish to invoke their values and will on all of us at any cost – literally…
All of us, regardless of political affiliation or of any attribute that may traditionally be thought to divide us, must band together.
We can start by supporting reasonable and responsible candidates who care first and foremost about our county and the issues most important to us here at home, rather than fall in line and follow the lead of a small and out-of-touch cabal who actually cheer and celebrate the killing of businesses and good jobs.
It’s anti-free market and certainly Un-American.

Vince Casale
is the chairman of the
Otsego County
Republican Committee.


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