Rite Aid Offers Inoculations, But Oneonta Not Listed


Rite Aid Offers

Inoculations, But

Oneonta Not Listed

Click Here For ‘Am I Eligible’ App

Editor’s Note:  www.AllOTSEGO.com will seek to keep you up to date on the availability of vaccinations against COVID-19.  We will strive to update our information at noon daily.

As of noon today, New York State’s special site at SUNY Binghamton was still accepting appointments from citizens 65 and over, however, all other special sites – with the exception of Plattsburgh and Potsdam are no longer accepting appointments, for the time being.

According to the NYS website, “The Federal Government determines how much vaccine New York State receives and has given New York approximately 250,000 vaccines per week for over 7 million people who are eligible – as a result supply is very limited. Vaccines are available at pharmacies, hospitals and through local health departments – please contact the provider of your choice to schedule a vaccine appointment.”

Through the “Am I Eligible” app, eligible individuals can register to receive the vaccine at facilities where supplies are available. CLICK HERE FOR APPOINTMENT

The first round of the Pfizer inoculations are 50 percent effect; the second round, administered approximately 28 days later, raise immunity to 95 percent, according to the CDC. The longevity of this immunity is not yet known.

Going forward, there will be at least five ways to get the COVID-19 inoculation.  In addition to state sites, the other four are:

• ONE, Bassett Healthcare Network facilities, which have been inoculating its staff and 1A populations like teachers and firefighters, but not the 65-plus population.  As of this afternoon, four sites were listed: Fox, Little Falls, Tri-Town in Sidney and Cobleskill hospitals.  As of now, however, each site said “no appointments available.”  CLICK HERE TO STAY UP TO DATE


As of this afternoon, the two Oneonta Rite Aids were not on the list to schedule appointments, however, several others in the surrounding area are including Colonie, Cortland and Poughkeepsie.  

 CVS was only offering appointments at its Blasdell pharmacy, outside Buffalo.

Walgreen’s had no vaccines for the public at this time.

Kinney Drugs in Richfield Springs was inoculating the 65-plus population Thursday and Friday. All appointments, at this time, have been booked.

• THREE, the county Health Department.  As of this afternoon, however, the county’s COVID-19 update page was reporting no appointments are available in the surrounding area.

• FOUR, private clinics.  WellNOW Urgent Care at 5001 Route 23, Southside Oneonta, is not making vaccination appointments at this time .  CLICK HERE TO STAY UP TO DATE 

3 thoughts on “Rite Aid Offers Inoculations, But Oneonta Not Listed

  1. Ed George

    I got an appointment this morning. APRIL 13th IN BINGHAMTON. I’m going to keep trying for one closer and sooner than that. Not only am I over 65, I’m employed as a care giver and my employer says I’m 1A eligible.

  2. George Decker

    How about a little investigative reporting.
    How many doses of vaccine have been received by NYS to date?
    How many doses have been given to date?
    How many doses have been wasted due to being out of date?
    These are questions the public should be interested in since many can not seem to schedule an appointment for a shot.

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