As County’s Polls Close, Heavy Turnout Reported


As County’s Polls Close,

Heavy Turnout Reported

Election official Sue Straub begins the final paperwork as polls in today’s New York State Primary came to an end 18 minutes ago, with a heavy turnout reported. She is flanked in Cooperstown’s polling place – St. Mary’s “Our Lady of the Lake” church hall – by John Rudy and Betsey Snyder. Poll Inspector Tom Lyon reported 417 ballots cast in all (although there were 19 spoils). Turnout was double what it usually is in an off-year primary, he said. There were 289 Democratic ballots cast and 146 Republican ones. Democrats were voting on governor, three statewide races, and Bill Magee vs. Dan Buttermann for state Assembly. Republicans were voting on just one race, county Sheriff Richard J. Devlin Jr. vs. his challenger, retired state trooper Bob Fernandez. At Foothills in Oneonta, steady voting throughout the day was also expected. Countywide results are expected after 10 p.m. Liz Callahan, who rushed home from a meeting in Binghamton, cast the final vote at the Cooperstown polling station. (Jim Kevlin/

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  1. Tonycliftontaxi

    Yes. Hodges got over 50% of the BBWAA 11 times so he was at least a “majority pick. At the time he retired, Hodges” 370 HR were the 11th most in history (3rd most for RH batters and 3rd most for 1B). Throw in the ”69 WS win and you have Cooperstown credentials. There”s more to it than this but I ask two questions to get me started when it comes to borderline candidates: 1. Was he an important figure in the history of the game? If “Yes, then the next question: 2. Was he as good as or better than multiple players at his position who are already in the Hall of Fame? The answer is Yes for both. Hodges is borderline and the arguments against are understandable. I think there are other players outside the Hall that are probably more worthy. For me though he makes it.

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