Bassett bonuses thank workers

Dr. Tommy Ibrahim

Bassett bonuses thank workers

By Ted Potrikus

Bassett Healthcare Network last week awarded ‘gratitude’ bonuses to its full complement of some 5,000 full- and part-time employees, made possible in large part through a donation from the Scriven Foundation.

Speaking with The Freeman’s Journal and Hometown Oneonta, Bassett Healthcare Network President and CEO Dr. Tommy Ibrahim credited the entire staff for its hard work throughout another year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Of course it’s been another tumultuous year,” he said. “Bassett Healthcare and every person we serve was carried through it on the shoulders of our caregivers and practitioners.”

They give it their all, every day,” he said. In a statement, he added, “They continue to exhibit amazing courage in the face of unthinkable hardship with lasting pandemic response efforts and nationwide staffing shortages. For nearly a year, they’ve been committed to vaccinating our communities, working day and night.”

“The work they are doing for our patients, community, and each other is truly lifesaving,” Dr. Ibrahim said.

He said employees’ initial response to the November 19 announcement was “overwhelmingly positive.”

“It’s one thing to be told you’re appreciated,” he said. “We’re thankful that we can show our appreciation in a meaningful way through this bonus. Every person here knows our deep gratitude for their hard work.”

Dr. Ibrahim praised Jane Forbes Clark, Bassett Medical Network board chair, and the Scriven Foundation for showing unwavering support to the Network’s entire team.

“The bonus is a wonderful testament to the support that Jane Forbes Clark, the entire Clark family, and the Scriven Foundation have always shown to this hospital and the entire Bassett network,” he said. “They stepped forward in an incredible way.”

Dr. Ibrahim said that he and his colleagues continue to press through ever-changing pandemic challenges as the new year approaches. On top of vaccine distribution and caring for patients with COVID, staffing shortages that confront healthcare providers across the nation remain among the issues they face.

“We’re obviously taking all the steps necessary to make sure our patients receive the very best regardless of their health care needs,” he said. “With the staffing shortages still a concern, we’re looking to create more efficiencies to ensure that quality of care that is our hallmark.”

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  1. Melissa Sanderson

    Is this bonus for the entire Network, including Valley Health Services in Herkimer, or just Bassett Medical Center?

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