Block Party Rescheduled

Weather forecast moves Hyde Hall festivities to June 11

Hyde Hall and Glimmerglass State Park have announced that they are rescheduling their opening event, the Hyde Hall and Glimmerglass State Park Block Party, because of weather-related concerns. The event will instead be held on its June 11th rain date instead.

The area is expecting a day of rain and potential thunderstorms which halts all outdoor activities in the area. The two organizations concluded they could not provide the best possible experience for attendees this weekend with the predicted weather. 

“We’re still looking forward to this wonderful collaboration with Glimmerglass State Park,” said Hyde Hall Executive Director Jonathan Maney. “We expect the great Clydesdales to be here on June 11, along with the other vendors and plans we’ve had all along. We know we’re all going to have a great time.”

Weather forecast notwithstanding, Hyde Hall will open to the public as planned on Saturday, May 28, as will the beach at Glimmerglass — but both organizations will wait until conditions for the Block Party are more ideal. Hyde Hall and Glimmerglass have welcomed the enthusiastic response from the community and working with extraordinary people while creating the event — so keep it on your calendar for June 11!

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