Bobby Walker Succeeded At College Republican Helm


Bobby Walker Succeeded

At College Republican Helm

In Washington for President Trump’s 2017 nomination, Bobby Walker, then a SUNY Albany freshman, recognized the Commerce Secretary Steven Mnuchin, then little known, and snapped a selfie.

COOPERSTOWN – Bobby Walker, Cooperstown Central School, ’16, stepped aside over the weekend as chairman of the New York State College Republicans.  He is completing his degree at SUNY Albany and plans to continue fulltime with the state GOP Committee’s Communications Department, where he is currently digital director.

Walker has been succeeded by Augustus LeRoux, a Syracuse University sophomore, Walker’s chief of staff at the NYFCR.  Daniel Koerner of SUNY Cobleskill become vice chairman.

“Today does not just make the beginning of a new chapter, but the start of a new movement,” Leroux said.  “All across New York, College Republican chapters have voiced their struggle to stay afloat in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown. The NYFCR has lost countless members, and even chapters, due to these restrictions – but we will rebound bigger and better than ever before.”

By continuing with the Republican State Committee, Walker said “I can … take some of the things I learned and helped implement in Otsego County, and help other counties and their Republican County Committees win all over the state … My plan is to continue to represent and give insight to the values and important issues of upstate, rural counties like Otsego, where sometimes people may feel like they are not being heard.”

In completing his term, Walker, the son of Tim Walker, formerly of Fly Creek, said leading an all-volunteer organization presents unique challenges, but he believes “we were able to really make something of the Republican brand in New York.  We helped carry many candidates over the finish line.

His “proudest electoral accomplishment,” he said, was deploying fellow young Republicans in an April 2018 special election on behalf of Assemblyman Chris Tague, whose district includes Worcester, Decatur, Roseboom and Cherry Valley in Otsego County; the candidate won by 100 votes.   Walker’s team went door-to-door and ,”in my opinion, if no CRs had gone out, we might not be able to call him ‘assemblyman’ today.”

One thought on “Bobby Walker Succeeded At College Republican Helm

  1. Daniel Koerner

    Bobby Walker has done a fantastic job representing College and Youth Republicans across the state! Without him, many Republicans would have had no shot at winning an election. Thank you Bobby!

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