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CCS Superintendent Since 2010

C.J. Hebert
C.J. Hebert

COOPERSTOWN –  C.J. Hebert, Cooperstown Central School superintendent since 2010, died Sunday in an ATV crash, faculty and staff were told at an 8 a.m. gathering today in Sterling Auditorium.

That something was amiss was apparent to parents and teachers when they awoke today to an e-mail from the school district, advising them classes had been cancelled “due to an emergency” and district employees summoned to the auditorium.

The CCS board is preparing a letter to the community at this hour.

Raised in Natural Bridge, Jefferson County, Hebert graduated from Carthage High School, then received his bachelor’s from SUNY Oswego and master’s from SUNY Albany.



He taught English at Corinth High School, Saratoga County, and rose to principal there before taking a similar position in Hudson Falls, in nearby Washington County.

His wife, Tammy, was also an English teacher who became an administrator; she is currently assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction at Windham Ashland Jewett Central School.  The couple was living in Cobleskill, halfway between the two districts.

The couple has three children, Christina and Christopher, both teachers, and Cliff, who graduated from CCS in 2012.




  1. First, I want to send my sincere condolences to Tammy and her family. My prayers and thoughts go out to you.
    When I saw the news of CJ’s passing this morning I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I still can’t. I cannot imagine the world without CJ. I had the pleasure of working with CJ at Corinth Central, and during our time together I came to regard him with respect, admiration and friendship.
    As a teacher he was devoted to his students and was already a leader among the staff. As a high school principal he was dedicated to making sure the educational environment for teachers, staff, and especially students was the best it could be. He had a high regard for his colleagues and in turn was a constant source of support and counsel. He had high expectations for all, was a sensitive, feeling, yet firm man. CJ had had a warm heart and a soul to match treating everyone fairly. He was one of those people that you wanted by your side in a crisis. You gravitated to CJ because you knew that his strength and decisiveness would help resolve the issue.
    He loved nature and all outdoor activities. The time he spent in the woods seemed to give him a solitude that enabled him to reflect upon all the people and things that made up his world.
    He was never afraid to speak his mind, and his advice, wisdom and insight was always welcomed. Because he was so good, he made all of us around him better. He was a fine and loving family man and father.
    Losing CJ as a friend and colleague is incomprehensible. His loss to the field of education, his colleagues, his friends and his family is inestimable.
    I shall carry CJ Hebert in my heart for as long as I live. Rest in peace, my friend.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss of …we knew CJ when he was living at home in Natural Bridge when my mother used to be the Hebert’s housekeeper. It was a very fun time for her with all the boys making jokes while she worked under the Hebert household she still talks to me about all the joy this family brought her while she worked under them. CJ will be in her prayer’s ! God bless !!!

  3. rip Mr. Herbert we going to miss u and you was a great principal in hudson falls school i am in the class of 2006 in hudson falls school

  4. RIP Mr. Hebert, and deepest condolences to Mrs. Hebert and the rest of their family. Class of 2000 at Corinth Central HS, he was my principal… and I always had respect for how he treated everyone. I was the class clown type that ended up in his office quite a few times. Often sitting outside in the main office waiting for discipline like you do when pulled over waiting for a ticket… except I enjoyed our dialogue. “Mr. DiGiovanni… long time no see. What’s it been, hours?” Accepting of my detention sentences… but only after having a guiding conversation. Half the time- I was getting in trouble goofing off in class with hopes I’d be sent to the office. He was a very calm, and collected gentleman that had a way of building you up to be better than you had acted; making you understand he wasn’t angry, but disappointed… and bothered you the same way it does when that line comes from your own parents– because you couldn’t help but respect him even though the principal typically has a stereotype amongst most students the same way lawyers and car salesman do with the adult population.

    He was a good man. God bless him, his family, and everyone else mourning his loss.

  5. So sorry to hear of C.J. Hebert’s passing….my condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues. I met C.J. in 2006 when he hired me as one Hudson Fall’s Senior High Teacher’s Assistant in the Science and Social Studies Departments. Right from the start, he had a way about him that made me feel comfortable in my new job. C.J. you will be missed by so many and may you Rest In Peace.
    June M. Bartlett

  6. The loss of C.J. Hebert will be felt by the Cooperstown community for a long time to come. Reading all of the above comments makes my heart smile to think of the leader he was and how his reach went well beyond the Cooperstown community. I especially enjoyed reading of the student who would sometimes “purposely” get detention just to see/speak to C.J. He definitely had a “presence” and spirit that will be missed. Serving with C.J. at many Rotary functions, he was the true example of “service above self.” He would travel early mornings from his home that definitely wasn’t in our “backyard” to bring his truck, show up with a smile and lend a hand wherever help was needed. It was like the General was showing up with C.J. because he brought not only a strength, but a “calm” with him wherever he went that rest assured, you knew he was there to help, and get done whatever needed to be done. Many Rotarians can attest to his leadership and how you could always see his face volunteering at events, even after he had spent countless hours that week dealing with situations at school…he STILL made time for service above self. He was a man who never seemed to be shaken. He always had a warm smile and hello, no matter what. One of the best memories of C.J. was volunteering at Applefest and him leading the way with a team of SUCO volunteers that we had brought in to help us for the day. C.J. had many great conversations with these students, many of whom were education majors, so naturally, they hit it off well with C.J. From that event, C.J. went on to have one of the students as a student teacher at Cooperstown. In true C.J. fashion, always helping and always leading. My deepest condolences to his wife and children, the Cooperstown student body and staff.

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