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EDUCATION:  Wantagh High School, Wantagh, NY – 1968.  BS in Ed – Bucknell University, 1972.  MS in Admin – UAlbany – 1999

Gary Koutnik
Gary Koutnik

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  School Psychologist, School Administrator, Historic Interpretation

COMMUNITY/POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT:    Executive Committee, Otsego County Democratic Committee.  Many years of Church governance and committee work, mostly in church growth.  30+ years working with families with disabled children in Oneonta and Otsego County and surrounding counties.  Delegate to Democratic National Convention, 2012.

FAMILY:  Wife Abbey, two sons:  Randall (San Francisco) and Whitsun (Oneonta)

IN TWO OR THREE SENTENCES, EXPLAIN YOUR PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT:   “There are some things that we can’t do unless we do them together. When we do them together, that’s called government.” (Congressman Barney Frank)


– Comprehensive Plan:  Board looks at mid- and long-term planning for County:  what do we want to be in the business of; prioritize our efforts; move toward greater effectiveness and efficiency in all areas, starting with highest priority issues.

– Coordinate all activities County-wide:  This would probably (but not necessarily) be a County Manager, a kind of CEO for our two dozen departments and 500 employees.

– Budget:  Longer-term budget development based on planning and coordination above.

WHAT QUALITIES/EXPERIENCE DO YOU HAVE THAT MAKES YOU THE BETTER CHOICE IN THIS RACE:   Experience on the Board; 35 years working and living in Otsego County, both in the City and in many of the towns.  Experience with management, budget and supervision.  A passion to provide the benefits of governing to all citizens, with nobody left out.

IS THERE A STATEMENT YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE WITH VOTERS?    I’ve gotten to know hundreds of families in Oneonta from all walks of life during my career. I’ve talked with them about their hopes and dreams, especially for their children, and I’ve learned about their frustrations and anxieties. I’ve spent my whole career getting to know the people of Oneonta. And I’ve met too many families in Oneonta who have been left out of the benefits of democracy. Democracy is for every last citizen, with no one left out. If I’m reelected, I’ll continue to work for all of us. Fiscal responsibility, certainly. Hard choices, certainly. But no collateral damage. No one intentionally left out.



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