CARMAN: Candidate’s Record Should Be Examined

Letter from Tracy Carman

Candidate’s Record
Should Be Examined

Choosing who we want to represent our interests in Albany is about looking at the track record and asking who will do more for our area.

In the 122nd Assembly District, the answer is clear. In Brian Miller’s six years in office, he has had only one bill passed and signed into law. More often than not, he voted AGAINST legislation that would help our district.

When the legislature voted on the budget, Miller voted against providing money for needed infrastructure, against funding for critical health services, against funds for the New York State Police, against helping working families pay for childcare and against investment to address the long-term causes of crime.

Brian Miller has done nothing during his time in office. Why should we expect anything different from him in the future?

Dan Buttermann attends village and town board meetings across the district and talks with community leaders about what they need from Albany. He visits farmers to ask what they need to stay in business and maintain their family farms. He regularly checks in with small-business owners and hears about their concerns. Dan will support our communities by voting for funding for police, fire and EMS. He will help improve infrastructure, from roads to high-speed Internet, so families will want to stay and make Central New York their home. Vote for Dan Buttermann—the clear choice.

Tracy Carman

One thought on “CARMAN: Candidate’s Record Should Be Examined

  1. Matthew Kouba

    Dan Butterman also supports are state having voter ballot initiatives so that voters can pass the laws that lawmakers won’t due to conflicts of interest. He also supports a commission on voting method reform to make our votes more powerful.

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