Carney: Big Wigs and Helicopters?

Letter from Julie Carney

Big Wigs and Helicopters?

I’ve lived in Oneonta for more than 50 years. In a typical year, we’d have maybe half a dozen helicopters fly over. It’s rare enough that I’ll go to the porch to look up to try to see what kind of helicopter it is. It might be the Governor headed somewhere upstate, or the State Troopers looking for someone or a Medivac situation.

However, starting Induction weekend, we now have between 2 and 6 helicopters flying over every day. There are 2 or 3 headed south in the a.m. (8:21 today, 8:51 yesterday) and then flying over going north in the evenings typically around dinnertime.

Because it started during Induction weekend, we all assumed it was bigwigs landing at the Oneonta airport. But it has continued and is a mystery that has townies talking. One woman who recently moved back here from the D.C. area said on my Facebook page that she thought she had left the sounds of helicopters behind when she moved back to Oneonta. Granted, it’s not a big problem in the scope of things, but it is yet one more bit of noise pollution that I guess we are expected to get used to and my question is why? Why are helicopters suddenly flying overhead every day? Did something change their routes? Is it a new project? Who are they? Is it here to stay?

Julie Carney

3 thoughts on “Carney: Big Wigs and Helicopters?

  1. Daniel

    Hello Julie
    I am also greatly affected by the recent air traffic over head. We live on top of the mountain and they fly directly over my house just a few hundred feet and feel our peace and tranquility has been taken from us. Im not sure, but aviation rules give them a 500 feet restriction and they are just there sometimes well under when skimming the Mt. top. Again, not sure what rules are.
    I have witnessed from sothern NY work crews using helicopters to inspect and maintain hi tension power lines and there towers, which we have plenty of around delaware county. This is my guess what is might be going and also really need to find out if this is going to be permanent. I was thinking of going down to the airfield in oneonta to inquire some how, and see if thats where they are flying out of.

  2. Mark Drnek

    As I understand it, it is NYSEG doing an arial review and assessment of their power lines, and the clearing that may need to be done.

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