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Citizen Seeks Independent

Investigation Of Tax Sale

Tim Schorer, a truck driver from Hartwick, told the county Board of Representatives that an independent investigation is required to sort out the takings of two properties during the county’s 2014 county tax sale. Maria Ajello, who owned a Town of Richfield property, and Bob Force, who owned a Gilbertsville farm, have continued to declare their properties were taken even though they tried to pay their back taxes. They have also alleged irregularities in the process. Ajello appeared before the county board for a 50th time to plead her case at the Jan. 2 reorganizational meeting.




  1. Some facts that the Otsego board, county lawyer and former treasurer do not want you to know about what occurred at the force Farm.
    The new treasurer wants to CHANGE the foreclosure laws from 4 years back to state laws of 2 years.
    *The County took the Force Farm when the Forces ONLY owed 2011 year back taxes. They paid 2012.
    *The County took their deeds 16 months before the FINAL DUE DATE for the 2013 taxes. The family wanted to pay BOTH years but were told they No longer owned the property.
    *The County accepted an escrow check from the Forces for $21,000 (for a tax bill of ONLY $13,000). The County accepted this check to place a stay on the deed and broke that contract by placing, keeping & selling the Force Farm on the auction block!
    *The County Board, County Lawyer and former Treasurer all conspired and illegally foreclosed on the Force Farm because they wanted the property.

  2. Thank you to AllOtsego for putting forth the facts on a regular basis.
    You are an anomaly in the mainstream media in a a time when it’s easier just to go with the flow and not seek facts.
    Thank you for being a leader and seeking the truth.

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