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First place in the Most Effective Overall Planting Which Enhances a Residential Property, As Seen from the Street category was awarded to Peter and Judith Henrici, 92 ½ Pioneer Street. (Photo provided)
Pioneer Patio took first place this year for Most Attractive Floral Display in a Business Setting. (Photo provided)

Clark Foundation Announces Beautification Contest Winners

COOPERSTOWN—Pioneer Patio, Peter and Judith Henrici, and the Inn at Cooperstown took top honors in this year’s Clark Foundation Beautification Contest. Jane Forbes Clark, president of The Clark Foundation, announced the winners last week.

Since 1954, Village of Cooperstown residential and business properties are judged annually on their horticultural beautification efforts in three categories: Most Attractive Floral Display in a Business Setting; Most Effective Overall Planting Which Enhances a Residential Property, As Seen From the Street; and, Most Appropriate Residential or Business Window Box or Boxes and/or Hanging Basket or Baskets. There is a $1,000.00 award for first place; $750.00 for second place; $500.00 for third place; and $400.00 for Honorable Mention in each category.

“Over 65 years ago, my grandmother, Susan Vanderpoel Clark, founded the Cooperstown Beautification Contest to recognize the tremendous time and effort so many of our residents take to make our village look welcoming and beautiful,” Clark said.

“She would be so happy that this wonderful tradition continues to make our village even more special,” Clark added.

This year’s Beautification Contest judge was George Crosby. Crosby recently retired after serving 35 years as a plant science faculty member at SUNY Cobleskill. He earned a BSA in horticulture from the University of Georgia, an MA in biology from SUNY Buffalo, and a PhD in plant and soil science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He worked as a commercial horticultural crop grower before beginning his teaching career. An enthusiastic gardener, Crosby is a big fan of all things horticultural in the Village of Cooperstown.

Award winners and judge’s comments are:

CATEGORY I: Most Attractive Floral Display in a Business Setting

First Place: Pioneer Patio, Richard and Kathryn Busse, 46 Pioneer Street

Judge’s Comments: It’s difficult to imagine this space without the plant material, and it really does demonstrate just how much of an impact flowers can have in a business setting. The three levels of baskets and boxes provide a stellar cascading effect that totally transforms this area of the village. The calibrachoa baskets are spectacular and are superbly maintained. The spring-like colors are especially good for this August after such a soggy summer.

Second Place: Metro Cleaners, Helmut Michelitsch, 115 Main Street

Judge’s Comments: The planters and boxes are extremely attractive and visually soften the large amount of concrete sidewalk and asphalt paving in front of the storefront. Containers have a rich combination of color and texture.

Third Place: Hard Ball Café, Perry Ferrara, 99 Main Street

Judge’s Comments: The mixed colors and textures help to soften the brick and concrete and create an eye-catching divider. The whimsical combination of wooden posts, arborvitae, potted sedums, begonias, geranium, scaevola and dichondra serve as a wonderful screen.

Honorable Mention: Rudy’s Wine & Liquor, Joseph Festa, 143 Main Street; Hubbell’s Real Estate, Glenn Hubbell and JoAnn Hubbell, 157 Main Street; The Railroad Inn, Perry Ferrara, 28 Railroad Avenue

CATEGORY II: Most Effective Overall Planting Which Enhances a Residential Property, As Seen from the Street

First Place: Peter and Judith Henrici, 92 ½ Pioneer Street

Judge’s Comments: Drive by and you’ll know why this is a winner! It’s all about the garden…such a great mix of woody plants, perennials and annuals with potted plants mixed in as accents.

Second Place: Dr. Jose Raul Monzon and Dr. Bridget O’Mara, 108 Pioneer Street

Judge’s Comments: It’s worth pausing as you walk by just to enjoy this great garden.The upbeat color palette of the plant material compliments the house perfectly and makes you smile!

Third Place: Charles and Ursula Hage, 73 Pioneer Street

Judge’s Comments: The landscape and window box displays work together perfectly in this charming cottage design. Hydrangea and rhododendron are anchors with a wonderful mix of perennials, annuals, and grasses.

Honorable Mention: Richmond Hulse, 9 Pioneer Street; Louis Allstadt and Melinda Hardin, 18 Main Street; Anita Meyers, 82 Grove Street.

CATEGORY III: Most Appropriate Residential or Business Window Box or Boxes and/or Hanging Basket or Baskets

First Place: Inn at Cooperstown, 16 Chestnut Street

Judge’s Comments: Such a classic, timeless combination: ferns, coleus, begonias and vinca…compliment the setting beautifully. They are a most appropriate addition to the landscape, large enough to be enjoyed from the street, and nicely maintained.

Second Place: Allan and Elizabeth Burgess, 77 Beaver Street

Judge’s Comments: The simple, traditional combination of dusty miller, petunias, and vinca are spectacular and such an appropriate addition to this blue and white house. Planter boxes are full, well maintained and have excellent color. Nicely done!

Third Place: Shawnee and Dana Sanders, 194 Main Street

Judge’s Comments: Beautiful! The baskets above the planter boxes with the ornamental grasses below are striking.

Honorable Mention: Randy D. Crissman, 15 Pine Boulevard; Carol W. Taylor, 1 Westridge Road; Richard and Barbara Havlik, 94 Fair Street.


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