Cooperstown Can Have It All – Classical Music, Talk Radio – On WSKG

Cooperstown Can Have

It All – Classical Music,

Talk Radio – On WSKG

To the Editor:

WSKG, the only classical music station accessible to Cooperstown listeners, has recently changed to a new all-talk format on both its frequencies (91.7 and 105.9). This constitutes a real loss for our community, where classical music has a strong cultural and economic presence: witness the Glimmerglass Festival and the Cooperstown Summer Music Festival.
But all is not lost! WSKG operates a partner station, “WSKG Classical,” under the call letters WSQX. Though WSQX is not available in Cooperstown, WSKG could restore classical music to its Cooperstown listeners and supporters by broadcasting classical music content from WSQX on its 105.9 Cooperstown frequency, while continuing its new talk format on its 91.7 frequency.
The range of 105.9 is limited to just south of Milford and extends to Springfield Center. If the 105.9 frequency were to broadcast WSKG Classical, not only would music be restored to Cooperstown, but there would be no deprivation whatsoever to listeners of WSKG’s new format, “Trusted News/Thoughtful Conversations,” which they can continue to receive on 91.7.
It is a win-win situation for ALL LISTENERS, and also for the radio station, which would regain supporters.
If you would like classical music to be restored to Cooperstown, please call WSKG at
(607) 729-0100, or email the station at:

Fly Creek

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