Cooperstown General Store About To Close

Cooperstown General

Store About To Close

The Cooperstown General Store is closing, customers learned in letter that arrived in their mailboxes over the weekend declaring, “Everything must go!”  Ron Jex, the longtime manager here, and owner Fran Phelps of Unadilla, who also operates Unadilla Variety, are planning to retire. The windows were papered over at 43-47 Main this morning and the doors locked “to prepare for our biggest sale ever!” this Thursday.   (

11 thoughts on “Cooperstown General Store About To Close

  1. Alex Fargnoli

    I am sad that general stores on Main Street have been replaced by baseball memorabilia shops. As a boy, I shopped at Newberrys, Farm and Home, and Brooks. Those were the good old days for me.

  2. Anonymous

    Aw rats. I hate to see locally run stores close. I often use a 2-quart covered casserole dish to make grains. I couldn’t find it in the box stores but of course they had it.

  3. Cindy Fisher

    What a sad day for Cooperstown! The greatest store ever for Cooperstown folks. It was a lifesaver when we lived in Cooperstown.

  4. Nellie Marino

    Good luck in your retirement Mr Jax! You truly knew what service with a smile meant. I loved shopping in your stores over the last several decades. It’s been a pleasure. Enjoy.

  5. Rod Torrence

    Cooperstown’s Main Street is now completely hallowed out. Sadly, the eventual closing of the Village’s two anchor stores (The General Store & CVS) was predicted years ago when paid parking was first proposed. As a result, more streets have been repaved, providing a smoother ride past now empty storefronts.

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